Behind the smile

Everybody think she is perfect and always happy. But what is the truth behind her smile?


5. Chapter 5

Many ask me why, i do not text so much with them. Specially when they are older. Here is the reason. I am scared, what they will think of me. It sounds stupid but i really do. I am scared, that they will get spammed or tired of me. I only text people first, when I feel close to the person, if not i will wait to the person text me. I want to text some people like the elderly, but i am too scared. Even if i need help or are sad. When I feel sad and write to them. I think, they think i want their compassion. Or I want to be a “Victim”. Even if I am close to them, then will I try not to talk about my problems.


The reasons i write these chapters are because, I want to help myself. It sounds so selfish. This is, how i can come out with things without having a bad feeling or feeling guilty. And I want you to understand me better. I am not the perfect and happy girl living in a big house. There is a story behind it all. I will share this with you, because i trust you, i know you can help me and I feel close to you. Some people have to know, what i am hiding behind the smile. And some people are you. You should not feel bad for me at all. Do not feel bad for me every time you see me, just because you know my story. See me as the same person, as you did before.

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