Behind the smile

Everybody think she is perfect and always happy. But what is the truth behind her smile?


3. Chapter 3

I smile the most of the time. Not because I´m happy, but just because I don´t know what to do. I smile when I feel happy, hurt and empty. Even when I´m crying, I´m trying to smile. When I´m crying, I have a breakdown. I can cry whenever or wherever, but I want to cry alone. I feel empty right now. I want to cry, but I do also want to smile. I am happy, but I´m also sad. Have you ever felt so empty?


*A week after*


I have been away in a week. I got what I needed. Happiness. Those people I were with could almost only make me happy. There was always a smile on my lips. I realized the reason I miss the person is because, that he made me happy. When he moved, I felt like all my happiness were gone. But this week I did not think of him, I was happy and I smiled. Until this girl danced this dance. She danced to Hold back the river. I was touched. The pain came back. I could feel a tear or two in my eyes. But i did not cry, because i did not want them to see me sad. I was not sad for so long, because a friend talked with me about it. I realized, that I should´ve been talking about it and not let it in.

Honestly i am crying right now. Not because i am sad, but because I am happy. After all those weeks I am finally happy. I can finally move on, and let him go.



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