Behind the smile

Everybody think she is perfect and always happy. But what is the truth behind her smile?


2. Chapter 2

I miss him. A lot. Some of you may know him, and some of you may not. My friends don´t understand, why I can´t just forget him or let him go. If it was easy, then I would´ve done it for a long time ago. When I´m ready to let go will something inside me say, that I should not do it. It is really complicated. I do not love him in the same way, but I do miss him like, when he said goodbye. Or we never said goodbye. It is my fault. I choose to ignore him on his last day, and I regret it. I do really regret it. I walked away. My last chance to say goodbye. I also regret one thing more. I told him, that I liked him. I have been liking him for a year now. I still do? I am pretty confused. But I will only be friends with him. I thought he knew it, but he has always seen me as the girl, who want to be with him. I have always seen him as a friend. I was hurt, when he rejected me. Not because he rejected me, but because I realized, that he never saw me as a friend. He misunderstood me, but I did not want to explain. I thought that, when he moved, then I will forget all about it and just move on. A friend told me, that I should tell him, or I will regret it. I do not regret it, but if I had the chance, then will I tell him. But he will be back again, and maybe I will have the chance to speak to him there.


Today a girl lets call her Bethany. Bethany called a girl a pig. I asked her, why she will call the girl a pig. She answered, because the girl likes someone, who are 22 years old. She thought, that it was gross. I told her, that she is not a pig just because, she loves someone, who is older than her.

Love is love, and after my opinion. Should love not get judge. Love does not have an age. Love does not have a gender. Love does not have a religion.


That is what i have to say about love. And yeah..

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