Medieval Diaries



1. One

As the crown was placed upon my head,it became official that I was the new queen of the Iris Region. Of course Affina, Who is said to be the great Iris herself, will still probably be the biggest attraction, and she was still going to be my younger sister, but but this was no doubt going to change things between us. But in our family it’s just Aff, Divine, and myself (Ivy). Things would never be the same between our sisterly bond. And besides, nobody can see crystal clear viewing into the future. 

In the second row, third seat from the isle, I spotted Affina, Divine, Travis, and our other friends. Travis had no relation to me except for being my closet friend, and only love. However he didn’t know how I felt about him. I can’t help but blush when Travis locks eyes with me and smiles teasingly. It was hard to tell if he liked me in the way that I liked him, (considering that he flirts with almost all the girls on the island) or not. But only time would tell. 

Later that night, after the coronation, and after the coronation ceremony/party, I was just about to go home, when one of the attendants stoped me at the front door of the palace. "Your majesty," He said, "What are you doing?" 

"Erm... going home?" I answered uncertain.  

"But this is your new home...." The attendant gestured to the palace. "It is?" I ask. "Yes your majesty.." I inhaled deeply and said, "Okay. But can you lead me to my room, because I’m getting the feeling that I’ll get lost." "Absolutely." The attendant turns and leads me up to the third floor onto the right of the first hall. He pushes open a pair of double doors, and I see my new bedroom. And fortunately I got the masters bedroom! In the room there was a king size bed, a set of doors leading to an balcony, a massive walk in closet, a fireplace, and a vanity. 

"This... is my room?" I ask. I turn and look at the attendant as he nods his head. "Will that be all, M'lady?" The attendant asks. I clear my throat and say, "That will be all." The attendant turns around and exits the room, closing the doors behind them. I go to collapse on the king size bed but something in the corner of my eye catches my attention. I turn my head to see a tall, shadowy figure standing outside on the balcony. It startles me at first, but then I take a closer look at the figure. I step closer towards the balcony and a sudden loud noise makes me jump. But I immediately calm down as I realize it was just someone knocking on my bedroom door. I look back outside, but the figures gone. I sigh. "Who is it?" I ask. "Mlady! I have some boxes from your old house!" Opening the door, I see that around seven boxes are being held by attendants. "Oh uh... just bring em on inside." The attendants then do as I instruct and carry the boxes inside of my bedroom, and place them gently by the fireplace. Once their all done they bid me goodnight and they leave. I take one last glance at the balcony. Nothing. I sigh once again and turn off the lights, and I crawl into bed.

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