Lightening, Witches and Dragons

Iris have had the same mundane life for the past eighteen years. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed she is off to college in a new country. The load of assignments, rush of making new friends and the tranquility of finally fitting in did not prepare her for the adventure she was about to venture into.

Ancient dragons, alluringly talking trees, an unusually bored wizard, a touch of lightening and a daringly handsome man are just some of the things Iris is about to dive -head first- in.


4. The Lightening


Chapter Four


Sharp teeth dripping with milacious saliva, speaking about my impending death was what I could see coming straight for me. Turning on the heal of my feet I sprinted for my life. As beautiful as the clearing was, the dragon, swinging his wings voilently to cover the distance between us was both alluring and dangerous. More so on the dangerous part. 

This could be all a dream, my mind thought, and I would just get up now, but my instincts told me otherwise, they told me to make a run for it. So I did. I ran like my life depended on it, which it did. Entering into the thick forest again, I zapped passed the trees, the humongous dragon right at my tail. His huge stature and widely spreadout wings restricted him from entering the forest the same way I did, giving me an advantage. However, the small victory was short-lived as the creature pushed past the leaves and entered the forest from above. Quickening my pace, I knew I couldn't out-run it. Thus, I changed strategies and rather than moving straight, moved in different directions. Him, being huge and flying at an impecible speed made him hard to get a hold of me. 

Pushing my legs to move faster, a tiny breath caught in my throat, when my left feet caught in an extending branch of a tree and I lost my composure. Planting my face first into the soil and dirting the front of my shirt were least of my worries. I could hear the dragon right behind me. I tried to get up but it was too late, he was already here.

Pushing past the last of the trees separating us he reached me. I turned and my eyes connected with the creature's murderous red one's and everything went still. Not even the ferocious wind blew. The birds chirping violently just a moment ago all of a sudden quited down. It was a moment of serenity and in that moment there was just me and the dragon. As his eyes fell upon mine he went stick-rod still too. 

A feeling rose in my chest, burning and tugging at my insides mercilessly. The feeling of utter familiarity clouded my mind, roaming through my entire body and left past my lips. In that serene capture I could see the eyes of the dragon softening, caught with a connection. An expected connection electrifying between us. It was almost like I could feel what the dragon was feeling, and there was utter vulnerability.

An ear-piercing screech cut through our daze, jolting us back to reality. The dragon, moved as if he knew the screech, dashing towards the sound. Turning my head towards the source, a tiny, although willowy woman stood at a distance, patting the dragon. My heart pounding, I was confused, the dragon completely tamed, like he wasn't just chasing me to death a second ago. And what was that freezing moment?, I though. It made no sense.

A single look at the woman's eyes and I could tell she was no ordinary person. Wisdom and truth was blinking in her eyes blatantly. She had a tiny smile about her face, observing me the same way as I was doing her.

Then I blinked, and all went dark.


What woke me up the next time was the sound of metal hitting metal. As I came about I could hear the unmistakable sound of bowls, spoons and plates moving around. I could instantly tell that I was in an unfamiliar bed, it being rougher than my own. The smell of food invaded my senses, making my stomach growl. 

''How are you feeling, mamaka zeva?''

It shook me for a second as to how this woman knew that I was awake, when I didn't even move a muscle. I kept my breath even too, to not give myself away. 

Taking a deep breath of the amazing smell surrounding me, I opened my eyes and tilted my head to look at the woman. She was facing in the opposite direction from me, steering the contents of the big pot with a large spoon. Taking a tiny taste of the soup- I could make out -and humming in satisfaction to the taste she finally turned. It was the same woman from before. 

''Are you hungry?"

There it was, the accent again, like she was struggling to utter each word. Like she wasn't familiar with the language. "Who are you?", I asked. 

''Oh! How rude of me! I am Zefara."

The casualness with which she spoke caused me to release a scream. Bursting from my throat, it shook me to my core. The woman, Zefara, stood there dumbfounded, blinking as to make sense of my near hysteria. Tears formed at the corner of my eyes, but I didn't let them out. The situation had finally dawned on me. The dragon chase freaking the hell out of me the most. It finally registered in my mind that it was no dream, no imagination, just pure unadulterated reality. I screamed till I couldn't anymore and then resorted to rocking myself. 

I was in a tiny hut, I had observed before, with brown wooden walls and strappy thread-like material holding the place up. The wooden hinged door opened and in burst the man with the egg. He looked alarmed and ready to fight off any threat. Scanning the parameters of the hut he concluded that there was no danger. Raising his eyebrows at Zefara, as if asking what the commotion was about, he moved away from the door and shifted further in. She indicated towards me by tipping her head in my direction. 

By now I had completely closed myself off. I could make out the movement around me, but it was hard to interpret them. I was most un-conveniently having a major panic-attack. The man padded near the make-shift bed that I was residing in. He bent at his knees and glared in my direction, like I was causing him great trouble. Before I could register his next move, he pressed the pad of his thumb at the area inbetween my eyes and twisted it. I was forced into a deep oblivion.


Loud blot of lightening crashing right outside the window of the tiny establishment jolted me upright, the sound ringing in my ears for a few more seconds. The place was blanketed by darkness, not even a single sound could be heard from within. The only sound of the tiny raindrops leisurely falling outside. A little uneasy about the darkness, made me get up from the make-shift bed and move towards the door. The lightening casted a soft glow, navigating me outside. 

Another loud crashing of lightening made me jump. Looking around for the woman, wondering where she could be, I started forward. Reaching a slope, estimated that the hut was situated on a hill. It wasn't too high, just a couple of feet upward. From the top I could clearly make out the clearing embedding the pond. A glow of electric light caught my attention. It was coming from the centre of the pond, I could slightly make out. 

Dipping into the water was Zefara. A geography lesson, back in high school reminded me that lightening and water weren't the best of friends. With a sudden fear for the woman, I marched forward, but was immediately stopped by a hand. The man with the curly dark hair tightly held my wrist. Shifting my eyes towards his face, I was stunned my the intense look. He shook his head sideways, warning me to move no further. Tipping his head slightly towards the woman in the water, his lips twitched at the sides. In a daze and slightly fearful for the woman, I looked at the sky. A masive bolt of lightening, unlike any I had ever seen, cast at the pond and the entire pond was electrified. 

Zefara was tipping over the surface of the water on her back, arms spread out besides her. The sparks of electricity dashing in the water finally caught Zefara at her feet first. Her legs pumping from the thrill of electricity, it moved from her thighs upto her chest and finally resided at her face. It was both alarming and exhilarating to witness. The tips of her fingers moved, twitching slightly, the electric sparks moving out. She didn't look in pain at all, neither did she look like she was about to get burned to the crisp. Rather she looked at peace as the electricity zapped through her. 

As the last of the jolts of spark left her body, she swam towards the bank and lifted herself out of the water. She walked at a slow pace, reaching where I and the man stood, looking upon. The man hadn't moved his plam from where it was now attached to my upper-arm, a different kind of electricity travelling past his finger. Before I could ponder about the palm-to-arm touching, Zefara was in front of us. As she reached us, she turned around showing me her back. A little confused about her actions I looked at the man. He was looking straight at her back, unblinking. Following his line of vision, I too took a look. There, on her back, with burned flesh, smoke still leaving the skin, was written-

'She is here.'



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