Lightening, Witches and Dragons

Iris have had the same mundane life for the past eighteen years. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed she is off to college in a new country. The load of assignments, rush of making new friends and the tranquility of finally fitting in did not prepare her for the adventure she was about to venture into.

Ancient dragons, alluringly talking trees, an unusually bored wizard, a touch of lightening and a daringly handsome man are just some of the things Iris is about to dive -head first- in.


3. Man and the Dragon


Chapter 3


Iris's POV

When I got hold of my senses again, all I felt was wet. It was everywhere, the wetness. Clinging to my arms and legs. It had settled in my clothes making them damp and dripping through my hair. Groaning I straightened my limbs that were bent at an odd angle, popping my joints in the process. Turning the palm of my hand I placed it on my forehead, which was positively aching. 

By then I have had enough of the wetness and was going to give a piece of my mind to Lilly- my roommate- for emptying a bucket of water on my head- because that was what must have happened, I summed up- but them remembered she had left for her home in Texas. Her little brother had broken an arm and was in the hospital.

A snapping noise brought me back from my thoughts, making me open my eyes instantly. Blue sky, stretching for miles and miles without a ripple, was above me. And then I felt it, the rough texture of the sand on my skin. I was lying on sand. This realisation brought back memories, about the river, the forest, the tree, the tombstone, jolting me upright. With chest heaving I looked around me. There was sand everywhere, white as paper. And cutting the sand was water, the bluest I have ever seen, stretching till you couldn't even see the other side. The other side of the sand patch was hidden inside a forest, with tall trees and absolute darkness.

Frantically I turned around, looking for familiarity of any kind, but to no avail. Only a huge patch of sand and a man sitting a few steps away from me. Wait! Hold on! How did I not notice him before? But there he was sitting on the sand like he had no care in the world. Then I saw the source of the sound, where it came from. He was holding a stick of sugarcane- I guessed- biting through it like no tomorrow. 

He was settled down with his legs folded slightly in front of his chest, hand behind his back, supporting him. His clothes were unusual, thick leather slacks ripped in places held upright by a leather belt, and a thin cotton shirt, almost see-through, smudged with dirt all over. My eyes moved to his bare feet, then towards his arms, glistened with sweat shining under the sun making him look more ripped than he was. Moving my eyes towards his shirt, which being see-through gaveaway the outline of a toned stomach and firm chest.

Finally moving my eyes to his face, a breath caught in my throat. High cheekbones, full lips which could make any girl jealous, thick eyebrows and a mop full of dark as night curly hair falling on his forehead. Lashes, long and thick, casting a shadow on this cheeks, made me notice his eyes, and what eyes they were. Green pools of deadly promise, pulling you inside just by one look. Black creases swirling in the green depths hypnotising with the movement.

What made me take a step back though was that the magnificent eyes were glaring at me, the darkest glare anyone could muster. Blinking, with an unsteady voice I asked-

"Did you kidnap me?"

Smacking myself mentally for asking that. As if he would actually answer me if he in-fact did kidnap me. But I couldn't help the words coming out of my mouth-, "How much money do you want? I don't have any on me right now, well I don't have money period. For God's sake I came here on a scholarship, doesn't peg you as the richest woman alive does it? So I suggest- for your sake as well as mine- you bring me back to my dorm and I will not tell anyone about your past-time hobbies of kidnapping women."

That was a stupid move on my part, I agree. But in my defense I was always bad at handling tense situations. All he did was continue to glare at me, moving his lips to take another bite of his sugary treat. 

''Is this heaven?'' Oh God I'm just making it worse, I thought. But this time I did get a response. A slight shake of head and a raised eyebow.

So he isn't deaf. That's good.

That's when I noticed the most unusual thing in this entire senerio. Well, the whole thing was a little bizzare and I was tempted to pinch myself to check if this was all a dream. But what caught me completely off-guard was the giant egg besides him. It wasn't giant persay, but was bigger than any ordinary egg. 

Seeing my gaze directed towards the egg the man intensified his glare and before I could examine the details of it, he got up, dusting his pants. Turning, he started towards the forest behind him with purposeful steps. I was flabbergasted. What was with that? I decided to just stay put and find a way to go back home. But as the man disappeared into the forest I couldn't control my curiosity. So seconds after he entered the forest I was on his tail calling out to him.

''Excuse me? Could you inform me about the shipping schedule of this island? I would very much like to go home.''

Following him blindly into the dense forest, hoping not to get lost, I scanned the area. Tall trees, with royal branches and ancient trunks held my fascination. They were so regal looking, like they told a story about millions of wars, the very depths of the ocean and the magnificient lives of people. Finally the man exited the thick forest into a clearing. It held a beautiful scene with a timid water body dividing the clearing in two parts. On the other side of the pond was a tall mountain with jagged scars on it.

Next thing I know, the man started undressing. Now I wasn't a prude but when a complete stranger starts undressing in front of you, your first reaction is to tightly shut your eyes. So that is exactly what I did, followed by a audible gasp. The man turned, his eyes getting bigger just slightly, as if he wasn't even aware I was there. All he did was look at me like, 'was I for real?' and continued pulling his shirt above his head before I closed my eyes. Hearing a splash of water forced me to open my eyes. The man was in the river, only removed his shirt, swimming towards the other side, taking the egg along with him. 

Once he reached the bank, pushing his way out he walked towards the mountain. Holding the egg securely with one hand he used the other to climb the mountain. As he reached half-way a loud voice echoed from the sky. 

To my utter fright and astonishment a dragon look-a-like pushed through the trees settling itself on the top of the mountain. Yes, that definitely was a dragon! It was a huge creature with it's nose stubby and two thick, curved nostrils and there are horns on its chin. Several sharp teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and give a slight hint at the terror hiding inside. A muscular neck runs down from its head and into a muscular body. Terrified I stepped back, making a run for my life. But it was too late.

The dragon, with it's bright red eyes directed his gaze in my direction. Moving his wings swiftly against the cold wind he flew directly towards me.


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