4 Only Youhhh

Just when you thought work couldn't be more boring, a muscular brunette walks in... with his date. But when he offers to drive you home what do you think? is this the start of something new? or will your heart be broken once again?


3. You Got That Chin Lookin' Like a Bicycle seat


It was all going smoothly, she offered some of her salad, which was good of her. Then i realised that there were anchovies in her salad. I knew something was off, i could smell it. But she told me if i don’t eat her peace offering, things were gonna get nasty. I pushed the plate away, there’s no way i’m eating one of those things again. Bad decision. I could see her face morphing into a snarl, showing me her white canines.


“I just smiled at her, no big deal.”

If looks could kill, i’d be six feet under.

“Exactly Ethan. Exactly.”

I couldn’t understand why she was so mad. Why couldn’t she handle me smiling at our waitress? I don't want spit in my food.

“Ethan, we’re done.”

“What. What did I even do?”

“You’re flirting with another girl right in front of my face.” She spat.

“I WASN’T FLIRTING, I WAS JUST BEING NICE!” I couldn’t take this anymore. I’m glad she was now standing, ready to leave. She picked up her stuff and walked straight out the door. I sat there, blankly staring at the wall. I was so mad. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the waitress looking at me. She must have seen the whole thing because she started walking towards me.


I reach their table and stand there awkwardly, not really knowing what to say.

“Sorry about her, she gets kinda clingy when we’re out,” he holds his hand out. “I’m Ethan, by the way.”

“Oh no, that’s alright, we’ve had worse.” i say shaking his hand. It was warm but firm. “I’m Stella… do you want me to box up her meal for you to take home?”

He sits back in his chair. “Yeah, that’ll be good, she hardly touched her food.”

“Alright.” i say picking up their plates, taking them to be put in boxes. Greek salad for Skaberchsomething and pineapple pizza for Ethan.


Jason my boss tells me i can go home now. I silently rejoice. I open the door, and as i am saying goodbye to my workmates i see Ethan still sitting there. He looks defeated. He catches my eye and i motion for him to come out. He quickly pays and follows me.



She led me outside. It was dark and the air was cool.

“Are you okay?” She asks.

“Yea- no...not really.” I looked at the ground.

“Hey, it’s okay. You deserve better.”

A small smile made it’s way onto my face.

“Do you need a lift?” I asked.

“Yeah, that would be great.” Now she was the one smiling.



I followed him to his car. It was half turquoise and half white. It looked like an old model but a new version.

“It’s my brother’s car. I bought it for him and customised it.”

“You have a brother?” I asked.

“Yeah, Gray. He’s pretty much my best friend.”

He opened the passenger door for me and I got in. Then he shut the door and walked around to the drivers side. What a gentleman. Who says chivalry is dead right?

He got in, started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

On the drive we talked about everything and nothing,

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