4 Only Youhhh

Just when you thought work couldn't be more boring, a muscular brunette walks in... with his date. But when he offers to drive you home what do you think? is this the start of something new? or will your heart be broken once again?


2. Skaberchlyn


I check the clock on the phone and sigh. 4 more hours to go. Yipee! The restaurant is filled with old couples straining to hear and little kids screaming. This is a fancy italian restaurant, not mcdonalds, keep your children under control, I think to myself. Suddenly the bell above the front door rings, signalling a new customer. I walk over to the counter to ask if they have a reservation. The man is tall and has brown hair carefully quiffed and has an extremely good sense of style, but i can’t see much else, his back is facing me. He was leaning against the counter with ease, smiling at his date. She was gorgeous. If nicki minaj had brown hair, this would be her standing in front of me, big boobs, nice butt. She gave me a dirty look. I smile at her despite the expression because tips and the customer’s always right. The man turns around and i can’t help but stare.

“Reservation for Dolan?” he asks.

His eyes were brown with a hint of green. He takes his cap off and holds it in his hand. A bright blue streak runs through the front of his hair. He had black studded earrings and a freckle on his cheek and next to his eye. I looked at every feature on his face, unable to flaw anything.



She didn’t answer my question, she just stared at me, it was getting kinda awkward. She was pretty average, brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, but tonight, I had to focus on Skaberchlyn. Skaberchlyn slams her manicured hand on the counter.

“So are you getting our table or not?” she says, venom in her words. She was getting protective even though this was only our second date. Don't get me wrong, she is a super nice person, but whenever we go out, she gets very overprotective and lashes out, not wanting any girls to smile, speak or look at me. But she’s hot so i deal with her crazy



“Yes, sorry i'll get your table.”

Oops. I don't even know how long i stared at him for.

“Come this way.”

I led them to their table and they sat down. The menus were already on the table.

“Let me know when you are ready to order.”

The man smiled at me but the girl had her eyes glued to the menu.


I come back 25 minutes later with their food and set it on the table. The man thanks me with a smile and the woman just starts eating her greek salad. I smile back at the table as i walk to the kitchen. I hear yelling so i walk back out to see what the commotion is all about.

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