4 Only Youhhh

Just when you thought work couldn't be more boring, a muscular brunette walks in... with his date. But when he offers to drive you home what do you think? is this the start of something new? or will your heart be broken once again?


4. Siri, What's Yo Profanity?


I see a turquoise bronco pull up into our driveway. I shut off the lights in the room i’m in. they could be mass murderers, how am i supposed to know. I peeked through the curtains and I saw a man get out, a good looking man. And, Stella? Stella is supposed to be at work. And why is she with this guy? Actually, he looks a lot like someone i used to know. could it be? no... he moved to Cali. The man walks to the side of the car that Stella is at and they start talking. They hold hands as they talk and jealousy starts sparking. Stella turns to leave when the Hayden? looking dude pulls on her arm and kisses her… on the cheek. Well that was anti-climatic. I smile as she blushes and takes her keys out. He starts walking to his car and looks up. He sees me spying and gives me a sly wink.



I walked up to the house and unlocked the door. Surprisingly, Alycia was standing right in front of the door. I jumped.

“Excited to see me?” i said.

“Nope. But i saw that cute guy you were with.”


“He was the spitting image of, you know, the guy in Colton’s football team.” She said.

"No, i don't"

"Ugh, what's his name? Brayden? No. Fuck i can't remember.

"Who's Colton again?"

"My ex? From high school? Great bod, but was super dull?"

"Oh yeah." I didn’t really feel like talking to Alycia about Ethan. It sounds bad but i don't want her to know about him because they could become close. If they did, they would most likely end up dating. And i’m starting to like him.

“I’m going to take a shower.” I said, trying to avoid the topic.

“Okay, tell me all about it after though.”

"Yeah, yeah." She finally lets me pass and i run upstairs.



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