4 Only Youhhh

Just when you thought work couldn't be more boring, a muscular brunette walks in... with his date. But when he offers to drive you home what do you think? is this the start of something new? or will your heart be broken once again?


1. Author's Note


Hey all, thanks for choosing to read my story. but before you do that, i want you to know a few things

This story is for entertainment purposes only, it has no real message

Sorry if i get a few things wrong about the twins, for all the hard core fans out there

I don't mean to offend. 

So you know their video, the one with Draw my Life? it said that if they got into a selective sport school they would've stopped doing vine and making videos. Since they didn't get in, they changed platforms to Youtube since Vine got shut down. I'm changing the story a bit, altering their lives so that they got into the selective school and stopped doing videos. So no, the twins aren't famous, but aren't ordinary either.


Enjoy, and go check out the dolan twins' Youtube channel... oh and their merch. so good.


Also if the tense in this story is a bit trash, then tell me in the comments and i'll fix it up.


copyright :) 


dude you totally fried it, i look like a turkey sausage.


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