Holiday Misery: a series of sad poems with a Christmas/winter theme

Raye Stone can't remember the last time she genuinely smiled. A heaviness has settled in her heart, and she finds no joy in the holidays like she used to. This is her story as told through a series of poems.


2. Sugar Cookie Sadness

Sugar Cookie Sadness

First in the butter and sugar go

My feelings being tossed to and fro

These cookies were your favourite

Oh so long ago

Flour thrown in, white covering my hands

A large batch I make, to fill demands

I must do everything to the tee

Or face sharp reprimands

Milk and eggs and vanilla get thrown in

For this, my patience is wearing thin

My sugar cookie sadness

These cookies so sweet, it's a sin

Pristinely shaped, and into the oven they're placed

There was a time you couldn't wait for a taste

Sadly, that time is no more

For you fear adding width to your waist

We would've baked together

Should you not of put an end to forever

I miss my best friend

I miss the frigid weather

The timer set for many minutes, so long it's madness

Now I have time to rest

You're just not getting my hints

You can't see my sugar cookie sadness

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