Holiday Misery: a series of sad poems with a Christmas/winter theme

Raye Stone can't remember the last time she genuinely smiled. A heaviness has settled in her heart, and she finds no joy in the holidays like she used to. This is her story as told through a series of poems.


4. Chocolate Truffle Troubles

Chocolate Truffle Troubles

On the outside hard and bitter

On the inside soft and sweet

Kind of like her, kind of like me

A true staple of this winter

Some may say they're sickly

Some may say we are too

That's only the truth

I wish she was with me

I've got a head full of troubled thoughts

I've got an aching whole in my heart

Do you even remember my name?

Have you already fired your shots?

I'd like to share these with her

I'd like to say she's my other half

She was my closest friend

Don't mistake, not at all a lover

Can I pull through with no one by my side?

Can I be happy without her?

I'll shove away my problems

With these chocolate delights

This life is empty without her

This is chocolate truffle trouble

To be mulled over without end

As they build up, I'm only getting more

I've only a few left in the bottom of the tin

I've only a flickering hope to lead me home

Do I have what it takes

To make it on my own

With only one truffle that remains

My chocolate truffle troubles have grown

I am finally all alone

With all these aches and pains

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