Holiday Misery: a series of sad poems with a Christmas/winter theme

Raye Stone can't remember the last time she genuinely smiled. A heaviness has settled in her heart, and she finds no joy in the holidays like she used to. This is her story as told through a series of poems.


3. Candy Cane Conflict

Candy Cane Conflict

A holiday treat

Made of swirling red and white

Delicious to eat

Come on, take a bite

But for some reason

You resist

An act worthy of treason

If this does persist

Minty and sweet

A true delight

For the poor or the elite

Go ahead, surrender the fight

Shaped like a hook

Irresistible, you know you want to

Dare to stray from the book

Oh, why won't you?

Shall we never find a resolution

To this candy cane conflict

Is there a possible solution

The limits are too strict

Everything I don't let show

The striped red and white treat

You'd think by now you'd know

I want so bad to retreat

A whole box, three already gone

Two for me and one for you

It really hasn't been that long

There's nothing I can do

I'm sorry for this candy cane conflict

I can't apologize enough

It feels as if I've been kicked

My life's become pretty rough

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