Holiday Misery: a series of sad poems with a Christmas/winter theme

Raye Stone can't remember the last time she genuinely smiled. A heaviness has settled in her heart, and she finds no joy in the holidays like she used to. This is her story as told through a series of poems.


5. Almond Biscotti Blues

Almond Biscotti Blues

Hard, dry, and flavourless

The kitchen a mess

Why, oh why didn't they turn out right

Since when is time so tight

I think I've started to get past her

I think I'm getting better

As of yet, nothing is certain

But it's a hopeful notion to entertain

I was baking almond biscotti to give

To people who just don't deserve it

But I'd taking them out a tad too early

So now they're soggy

The truth is, I used to have the blues

Same as she used to be my muse

But now I've gotten past the abandonment

I've quit waiting for her to get the hint

I'm still kind of upset

I just can't bring myself to forget

All the good times that we had

Isn't that enough to make anyone sad?

I'll obviously need to make another batch

I need to ask, what the catch?

Why am I finally so happy

Is it because I've realized I'm free?

So back to cooking I go

Humming gently as I do

Measuring each ingredient carefully

Things might just turn out right for me

Its upsetting to see something not turn out

It makes you want to cry or shout

But I can't help be glad

That this is the reason I'm sad

Not because I feel lonely

But because of some soggy biscotti

I'll always chose

Having the almond biscotti blues

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