Kill Me With Gore

May is crazy about make-up. Not the regular kind, but SFX, specializing in zombies. She only does it as a hobby, but when she gets a job offer of her dreams, she starts doubting whether to grab the chance or just carry on with her ordinary, but safe, life. It means she would have to move to Georgia and start a whole new life. Away from her family and the safety of her well-known surroundings.

What happens when her talents reaches a person who can turn her world upside down?

Authors note;

I own none of the actors or people, who work on the production of TWD, although all the original characters are mine. The story takes place in early 2013, when season 4 of TWD has just begun filming. It's complete fiction, none of what's going on in this story is related to reality. In addition, there may be spoilers for the series. There may be provocative content such as sex, swearing and suicide.


2. You're Not Here

I was stunned. I was basically just sitting there, looking at my phone in the dark. The faint voices of the Kardashians in the background was the only thing filling the room. Liv had to go back to the party, so she didn't stay and talk for very long. I knew I had to go pick her up in a few hours but right now it felt like ages away. She hadn't been very helpful, actually I can't blame her. The music was way too loud, and I could barely hear her. All I got from the conversation was that she was freaking out too, she was just being obnoxious about it.

I sat back, still with my phone in hand, looking at the tv absentmindedly. Norman Reedus had liked my picture. I checked again, yep, he still liked it. I locked it and placed it on the coffee table in front of me. My whole head was buzzing. The mix of waking up so suddenly and the adrenaline of Liv's messages, made me loopy. The red stains on my hand caught my attention, I was confused for a few seconds till I realized it was the fake blood from giving Liv her make-over. I opted for a shower and made my way upstairs to the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror, my nutty brown hair was a mess, after falling asleep on the couch. My green eyes looked so tired, that I almost felt bad for the woman in the mirror. I smiled faintly and grabbed my sisters hairbrush. I quickly brushed through my hair and started to undress.

The water that hit me was ice cold and I tensed up immediatly. It slowly rised in temperature, which meant I started enjojying it more. I grabbed the shampoo bottle and started washing my hair. By the end of my shower my skin had turned a slight pink, almost red colour and my fingers looked like raisins. I draped the towel around me and walked into my sisters room. The bag was almost empty after taking out all my items, so it was easy to pull out my pajamas and some underwear. The like from Norman still swirled in my mind, did he know who I was? Probably not. My mind was not in the right space for putting on clothes, and I kept putting my shirt on insde out.

''Finally,'' I breathed out as I slipped the shirt on properly.

The clock on her bedside table let me know that it was a few minutes past midnight. So i still had around 40 minutes for myself. I walked out of my sisters room and ended up infront of my old bedroom door. The door opened up with a slight creak as it had always done, none of us had bothered to fix it. I took a step forward but was blocked by a huge amount of boxes. I rolled my eyes, of course my mom had started using it as storage. My bed was still there together with my old dresser.

In the process of getting into my room I almost killed myself. I tripped a little and fell on my old bed. I expected dust to fly up around me, but it was fairly clean. I appreciated that she kept on keeping it clean. I reached for the shelf above me and grabbed a small picture book, I opened it and smiled. A baby liv gave me a dirty look. It was a picture of her just after she was born. The next picture was of me looking at Liv absolutely terrified. I laughed, cause it was so fresh in my memory. There was also a picture of our mom, looking tired as hell but still smiling. I knew the person who took the picture was my dad. A person who wasn't in my life anymore. He had left us when Liv was 8 and I was 17. Since then he hadn't bothered to contact us. He had sent a letter trying to explain why he did what he did, and that he had found someone and that she had 3 other kids.

Mom and I were furious, and Liv didn't really know what was going on, she was too small. But I started hating him, really hating him. I hated talking about him, and everytime Liv brought him up, I just walked away. It wasn't fair for her, cause she barely knew him.

I put the book away and made my way over the boxes, a bit mre confidently this time. I took it as a small victory that I didn't trip.

I made my way downstairs and looked at my phone. Quarter to one. I stuffed my phone back in my pocket, got my keys and jacket and went out the door and into my car.

The party wasn't too far away, so when I pulled up to the house it was a couple of minutes to one. I saw Liv standing on the front porch talking to a group of kids her age, but noticed that she had her hand on a guys arm. I honked, and I laughed as he group including my sister jumped. She was too far away, but I knew she was rolling her eyes at me. Her hand was now in her pocket as she said her goodbyes. She was a bit wobbly, but I could tell she wasn't wasted. I opened the car door for her and watched as she put her seatbelt on.

''Had fun?'' I asked her, she nodded, I could see she was dying to ask me questions.

I didn't even start the car before she began, ''Did he message you? Did you message him? Did anything more happen? Are you wearing your pajamas?''

I looked at her with a raised brow, ''No, Liv, and yes I am, it's not like I had to get out of the car. Take a fucking breath, dear lord.''

She didn't say anything else on the ride home, I decided to end the silence and asked about the guy.

She just shrugged, ''He's a friend. His name is Mike, he's 19.''

''19? Is that the age group you hang out with?''

Another shrug.

I didn't push her, but I wasn't done with the subject. We reached home and both got out and walked up to the front door. ''I just want you to be safe Liv.'' I said as I unlocked the door.

''I know, and I am.''

We took our coats off, and walked into the living room together. We both sat down on the couch and relaxed. I looked over at her and saw that she had a worried look on her face. I opened my mouth, but I didn't know what to say.

''We should probably get that off your face,'' I hinted towards all the latex and fake blood that was still on her face.

Olivia looked at me confused and raised a hand up to her face. ''Oh shit, I completely forgot. Will you help me?''

''Do you have to ask?''

It didn't take long to take the latex and make-up off. After we were done she hopped in the shower and I went downstairs to make her some hot chocolate and a sandwich. When I came upstairs again I found Liv sitting on her bed, still in a towel and her hair was dripping. I put the cup and plate on her desk and sat down beside her.

Her eyes were red and I felt a sting to my heart. ''What's wrong, Liv?''

''Not what, who. I hate mom, May. I hate that she's not here, I hate that you're not here.''

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, ''I'm here now, aren't I?''

She nodded but it didn't comfort her. I understood her frustration, she felt abandoned, both by our mom and me. I felt a bit bad, but I had my own life now. I moved out when I turned 20, I had a good job which made it possible for me to buy a small flat in downtown New york. It wasn't much, but it was mine, and I loved it.

She put her head in the crook of my neck and started sobbing. I shushed her, gently rocking her back and forth.

''You'll be okay,'' I told her.


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