Kill Me With Gore

May is crazy about make-up. Not the regular kind, but SFX, specializing in zombies. She only does it as a hobby, but when she gets a job offer of her dreams, she starts doubting whether to grab the chance or just carry on with her ordinary, but safe, life. It means she would have to move to Georgia and start a whole new life. Away from her family and the safety of her well-known surroundings.

What happens when her talents reaches a person who can turn her world upside down?

Authors note;

I own none of the actors or people, who work on the production of TWD, although all the original characters are mine. The story takes place in early 2013, when season 4 of TWD has just begun filming. It's complete fiction, none of what's going on in this story is related to reality. In addition, there may be spoilers for the series. There may be provocative content such as sex, swearing and suicide.


1. Fake

I took a deep breath as I knocked on the door to my mothers house, the home I once called home. I could hear the footsteps closing in which made me straighten up my posture. The door opened and the familiar face of my mother appeared. She smiled briefly and stepped aside so I could enter the house.


''Hi mom,'' I said with slight dread in my voice. My mom tutted and rolled her eyes, ''mind your tone, May.'' I smiled and looked her up and down, ''going somewhere?'' My smile quickly dissapeared as I noticed she was in a suit. Not to forget she was putting on her coat.

She sighed and put her hands on her hip, ''I have to go, I was called in for a meeting and I ca-''

I interrupted her by holding up my hand for her to stop talking, ''you promised you’d be here.''

She just looked at me with a dead expression on her face. ''Dinner is on the stove and Olivia needs to be home at 1.''

She took a deep breath and patted my shoulder as she walked past me. I didn’t say anything, mostly cause I was trying not to yell at her. ''When will you be home?'' I asked looking up at the ceiling, although I already knew the answer. ''I don’t know, honey. Maybe tomorrow evening, maybe the day after that.''

I nodded and crossed my arms as I turned towards her, ''be careful, and if you two break anything...'' I nodded and looked away, neither of us said anything. I could sense her eyes on me, but I couldn’t be bothered to look at her. ''Well bye then,'' she yelled a half-assed bye to my sister and dissapeared out the door.

I stood there for a second looking at the door. I was kind of Hoping for my mom to jump back in through it and assure me that she was only joking, and that we’d have a nice dinner. But nothing happened. ''Is she gone?''

I heard behind me, I looked over my shoulder and saw my sister standing at the top of the stairs. I smiled and nodded, ''Yep. Just you and me left, kiddo.''

Olivia snorted and walked down the stairs, ''I’m 16, I’m not a kid.''

I opened my arms for her and she brought me in for a tight hug, ''For me you are. I missed you Liv.''

She looked me in the eyes and smiled back at me, ''I missed you too sis.''

I loosened my grip and went into the kitchen, I quickly located the pots with meat sauce in it, and another one with pasta. I looked up at the clock and back at Olivia, ''when do you have to be at the party?''

She shrugged and took a noodle and slurped it, ''around 8:30.''

I raised an eyebrow, ''that gives us around two and a half hour. Maybe three if we eat quick.''

Olivia bit her lip, ''I’m not hungry, and you can eat after you’ve dropped me off.''


''Please, May? I want it to look fucking awesome,'' she folded her hands and shot out her bottom lip.

I groaned and grabbed my bag with all my equipment, ''Fine! Your room, now!'' I said and pointed to her room. It almost seemed as if someone had lit a fire beneath her, she was that fast to get to her room. I laughed and followed her. As I entered her room I noticed she had cleared her make-up table for me. I smirked, ''that’s the cleanest that table has ever been and probably ever will be.''

She sat down in her chair and glared at me, ''be happy I even did it.''

I placed my bag on the table and looked at her with a hand on my hip, ''I am. Now put your hair up in a pony, it sucks if you get your hair stuck in the latex.'' 





Four and a half hour later I could finally step back and admire the decaying face I had given my sister. ''You look horrible, Liv'' I said with a laugh.

She studied herself in the mirror with a big smile on her face, ''It looks so cool. Thank you!''

I sat down on her bed at nodded, ''you’re so welcome.''

She threw me her phone, ''could you take a picture?''

I caught her phone and opened up the camera which I pointed at her. She looked directly into the lens and made a face. I laughed as the shutter sound went off. We fooled around taking pictures of her until we had to go. We looked through the pictures and shared our opinions, ''I’ll send them to you?''

''Yeah,'' I said, ''that would be awesome.''

She nodded and quickly sent me a message which included all the pictures I liked. We then drove in silence to where her party was, and I quickly took note that some of the participants was carrying beer crates or holding red cups. 

''Liv, I swear, if you’re wasted when I pick you up, I will kill you. Aka I wont clean up your vomit.''

She drew a cross over her heart with her finger and smiled, ''I wont drink, promise.'' She quickly got out of the car and stood there with her head poking in, ''You should put one of the pics on insta,'' she said before dissapearing into the crowd.

I sat in the car, atleast for 5 minutes, before pulling my phone out from my pocket. I looked through the pictures again, smiling and admiring what I had created. Should I put it out there? I mean, I had before, but that was only stuff that I had done on my own face. I shook my head and looked up at the party that was going on in front of me. I bit my lip and quickly found my favorite picture and posted it on my profile with the caption ‘My pretty little sister’. I then locked my phone and started driving home. I made myself a plate of food, threw it in the microwave. I looked at my phone one last time before grabbing my food and crashed on the couch, I turned on the tv and started to eat. 




I woke up disorientated on the couch, the tv was still on and my phone was vibrating. I groaned and sat up, rubbing my eyes. I looked around and found the clock with my eyes, it was only 11:35pm. I yawned and stretched out my arms above my head. I then grabbed my phone and saw that I had missed a few calls from my sister, a slight sense of panic hit me. I quickly checked my messages and read through them. I had gotten around 15 messages in about 7 minutes, and they were all from Liv who apparently wanted me to check my Instagram. I sighed and opened up the app and looked at the picture of my sister.

''The fuck?'' I whispered to myself, looking at the likes, I blinked a few times making sure I wasn't seeing things. There was around 500 likes. My heart almost stopped as I went through who liked it.

Norman fucking Reedus had liked it.

I quickly called my sister and when she picked up I didn’t even let her say anything, ''Is that fake?''

She nearly deafened me with her high pitched scream. 




I'm pretty excited for this, and a friendly reminder if you haven't read the front page resumé thing, then I suggest you do! What do you think about their mom? She's gonna be pretty important.

I hope you liked it. Please comment and stuff, and please bear with me, I know theres probably some mistakes. But who doesn't make mistakes.

Thank you so much for reading.




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