the towering wall

I mad this poem/rap because no one care about how hard I try.


1. The Towering Wall

You don’t understand

How hard i try

Don’t lie

Don’t say she goofs off in life without a care

You're not here,

You're over there, thinking about that nonsense

You don’t know how hard i cry

When you sit there

On you high horse

Looking down upon others,

Who are broken yet still try,

to Fly

You don’t care

How much pain i’m in

how bad this headache is

Do you honestly believe

The pain is immobilizing

It is deafening, Throbbing,Stabbing, Pounding

Like a hammer

But you expect me to know the answer?

How rude could you be

That these headaches won't allow me to be free

To be me

Can’t you see?

How much pain i’m in..

It hurts and i don’t feel alive

it’s like i’m empty inside

I don’t want to live, but honestly i'm too terrified to die
You really don’t understand

How much it hurts to try

But i try, Not to cry, I try to fly

But you believe I sit upon the easy road

With absolutely no goals

And no will, to Ever achieve

That's the lies YOU believe

But I do Indeed TRY


And I will keep flying

Until my shaking hands reaches the sky

So keep believing that

How hard i try

Is not at all, i’ll surpass you one day

And i’ll reach the top of the towering Wall

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