Mini Escapes

This is a place for those stories that never get finished but still have ideas and little scenes. This is to those stories...may you be finished one day...


3. Toxic Reign Excerpt By: Trin Trin

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a queen. Not just any ordinary queen, oh no. This queen was Evil. Everyone one in the land feared her, for if they tried to go against her, they would receive an unimaginable fate. After all, she was the darkest queen in all the lands. The Evil Queen made sure that everyone knew who she was. She was their queen and no one would forget it. Villagers bowed when she passed. Everyone addressed her as “My Queen” or “Your Majesty.” She was an exceptional ruler despite being evil. She governed the way she believed was best and those who broke the rules would be terribly punished.

    The Evil Queen occasionally did any dirty work that had to be carried out. This would include punishments and executions. Though she could kill when she wanted, the times when she didn’t want to, the queen would send her best knight...her darkest knight. He was so dark, toxicity took over. His touch was so vile that could melt mortal flesh and bones. His armour was made of the strongest metal known to man. His weapons dripped in radioactive acid. He could scare a dragon with his sheer sight. He was merciless.

This toxic knight would do whatever Evil Queen wanted. No matter what it was, he would do as he was told. He loved her and would do anything for her. The knight could go slay an army and be back to the castle to please his Queen in a day. He was her fearsome minion.

Though to some it may seem odd to some, the queen loved the knight. She certainly did not need a king but her cold heart was always protected. In return, the queen protected his toxic heart.

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