Mini Escapes

This is a place for those stories that never get finished but still have ideas and little scenes. This is to those stories...may you be finished one day...


2. Rage Excerpt pt. 1 By: Amour Elixir Fallen & Trin Trin

“Thor has told me many stories of you and this Skylar Winters,” Frigga said as her son walked off with the Lady Sif and Volstagg, “you are much more beautiful in person.”

Ash blushed, it meant a lot to her. Especially since Frigga was the Queen of Asgard. “Thank you your majesty. You are very beautiful yourself.”

The queen smiled slightly, staring out at the city in front of her. Standing on a balcony in the castle, towering over the whole city of Asgard can really give someone time to think. Ash had never seen anything more amazing. The gold of the palace glared over the whole city, giving everything a yellowish glow. The only downside about this was that Sky couldn’t be here to see it. Ash knew ever since New Mexico how badly Sky wanted to learn more of Asgard and what else is out here. Now Loki has her and Ash feels as though it’s her fault that she let Loki take Sky from her.

“I’m sorry,” Frigga said stepping towards Ash, breaking the silence, “when Loki wants something, he tends to be very thorough with his plans to get what he wants.” Ash turns to her, forming a weak smile on her face. “I know how it feels when you lose someone you are very close with. It hurts.”

“I just wish Sky could be here to see how marvelous this place is. Ever since we first met Thor back on Earth, or Midgard, we have always wanted to learn more about what else lived out here. It’s just not the same without her here.” Ash turned her attention down to the ground.

Before the Queen could say anything, Thor appears behind them.

“Good news,” he turns to Ash, “Fandral says he found something that could lead us to where my brother took your friend Sky.” Thor takes Ash’s hand and motions for her to follow. Frigga holds her back for a second. She embraces Ash and whispers in her ear,

“You will find her, Thor will be sure of that. He wants you happy and do what it takes to make sure that happens.” Frigga pulls away and smiles at her. Ash returns the smile and makes her way back to Thor. Ash takes his hand in hers, one thing stuck on her mind, I have to get Sky back.


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