Mini Escapes

This is a place for those stories that never get finished but still have ideas and little scenes. This is to those stories...may you be finished one day...


1. Introduction

Living the life of a writer, you tend to get so many ideas for stories. Right? You have that one story, you have the plot down, the characters, everything...but you don't know where to start. You might have an idea of a story you have been wanting to write for four years now, but you can't find inspiration to continue it. You want these stories to go somewhere, be read, but they will probably never be found again. I am exactly the same way. I currently have eight stories that have been started, but haven't gone anywhere. 


Well I have this place now, and so do you. This is a story for our stories. I will post little excerpts from stories of mine in here. Little scenes. Although, I will also allow you to send me excerpts from your unfinished stories and I will post them here as well. Of course, you will get credit for your stories. This is a place for your ideas and stories to be read. Do not think that your writing is dead. Do not think that you will never write again. Even a tiny scene for your major story is something. ~Trin Trin


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