The story is about a kid in middle school and he was kinda of a loner he only lives with his mom his dad past away and the kid his name was John and his dog Joni and his mom Sophia. His dad used to work a lot so John never knew what he looked like.


1. Beginning

John was a kid 11 years old only lived with his mom and dog his dad past away and barely saw his dad cause his dad worked all day he never knew his name or how he looked like he was sad always. But one night John heard noises coming from the kitchen he couldn’t see but then he saw a gun in the mysterious guy in his hand he was heading to moms room but it was to late he pulled the trigger police came he found his mom dead. Then John was going to a foster home. Then 4 years later on the news it showed a man the man who killed the mom was johns dad.

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