The Playbook

Caydince is very anti-social, but somehow, she's extremely popular. Forcing her mother to let her quit all sports because of sudden circumstances. But she finds herself with too much free time, and another problem... The schools hottest guy is helping her father build a part of his new house...Right,what can't go wrong?


1. Escapades


I don’t believe in happy endings. I know, I know, that’s probably one of the worst things a teenage girl could ever say, but it’s true. Nothing in my life has lead me to believe that happy endings are  real things. For instance, how the heck does Cinderella have the ability to talk to those mice. And what the heck is with that fairy godmother? Like, if that were me and a mysterious old woman appeared in front of me with a small stick in her hand, I’d run away screaming, and calling for help.

      But like, where’s the happy endings for the villains? I’d like to definitely see Maleficent get together with some hunky wizard. I don’t necessarily mean Fred Weasley, because, well… he’s dead. I’d prefer dead Fred over Ron any day. I believe MAleficent takes my side on this.

      My problem is not that I think happy endings don’t really happen, they just don’t happen to me. Take my sister for example. She’s 25 and is already starting her life. SHe married her highschool sweetheart, got a degree in nursing at the age of 22, and has a daughter who is 1 and a half and a baby boy on the way. (It’s not identified as a boy yet, but i’m hoping. There’s way too many girls in my family.

     Imagine it: Parents who force their child to do everything, don’t let them quit because that’s bad sportsmanship, and plan their entire week for them. I get no free time, no friend time, and no fun time. It’s all work, practice, school, repeat. Which brings me to exhibit A) Right now…


   “What do you mean you’re quitting?” Mom drops the fork she was using to whisk the eggs for french toast.

   I take a deep breath and prepare my rebuttal argument, “I quit. Everything. It’s way too much. I am too tired. I am overworked, and… I need a break.” I throw my hands in the air.

   “Then quit your job if you’re overworked.” She crosses her arms.

   “Why can’t I just quit soccer, or ballet, or freaking cricket. What teenager plays cricket?” I argue.

   “A lot of proper people learn to play. ANd honestly if you’re going o be the successful lawyer you plan to be, you’ll want that skill for you’re classier clients.”

   “I’m not the one who wants to be a lawyer! You’re the one who wants me to be that way. In all honesty, i prefer being a mortician than a lawyer. Better the dead to keep me company that the liars i’m defending!” I snap.

   “I just… Give me a moment to take this in.” She turns back to her egg beating.

   “You shouldn’t have to take anything on it. In fact, you shouldn’t even have a take. It’s my decision. I’m quitting.”

   “Caydince Alyvia Murphy. Don’t tell me what I am or what I’m not entitled to. Do you understand?” She whips arounds and points the fork at me. Eggs fling towards me and i’m too scared to look away or remove the egg yolk that landed on my cheek.

    I give her a stiff nod and she turns back to her eggs, her arm whisking more furiously than I have seen in a while. Mom only makes french toast on her bad days…

   “Can you retrieve the bread from the grocery bag?” She asks in a quiet voice. I do as she asks.

       __________________________________      ~*~ ______________________________________


“Excuse me.” I mumble as I shuffle past the group of people crowding the fountain. They step to the side and let me through.

“Hey, I know you, don’t I?” The one girl, yes I recognize her, peers over at me.

I reply quickly. “No, i’m sorry.”

“No. I totally do. You’re that girl that always hides in that closet. Haly! It’s Clorox Caydince!” She laughs loudly. I feel the heat rush to my face.

“Amber.” Someone snaps.

“Oh shut up Jade.” She rolls her eyes. Another girl breaks her way through the crowd and stands at Amber’s side.

“Yes?” SHe asks casually, and loops her arm through Ambers.

“Look who’s at the mall.” She points at me again. I look away and quickly make my way into Pizza Junction.

“Hey, dad.” I say, standing in front of the glass pizza display.

“Hey, kiddo. I’m literally off in about 10 minutes. You got here a little earlier than I anticipated. You can walk around a bit if you want. Or by all means, stay here.

I sigh and peer out the entrance. I do not want to run into Amber’s clique yet again.

“I’m fine staying here.” I mumble.

“Actually, if you don’t want to walk around, do me a favor and go to the kitchen store and get me that set of measuring cups. Nina wants them because they match our new kitchen. And if they still have it, could you get that jerky processor? It’s not the super large one, but the small one that only does a little bit at a time. I think that would be a cool thing to start. Considering I hunt and have nothing else to do with that venison except make deer salisbury steak, and deer burgers.” He rambles.

“Are you sure Nina even wants you to get that deer jerky processor?” I raise my eyebrows.

“NO, but Nina does not control my money. She makes her own and we are financially happy. Speaking of, how’s your mom?” He tilts his head to the side in a genuine questioning manner.

“Right… I’ll take that credit card now.”

“How do you know it’s my credit card? Maybe it is a bunch of wadded hundred dollar bills?” He smirks mischievously, as if it were a trick question.

“I know you, dad. You’re my father. I know how you work, and I know you don’t like to carry money in case you get robbed or whatever. Canceling a credit card is much easier.” I roll my eyes.

“You’re right.” He hands his orange Discover card over the counter and I snatch it quickly.

“If I perhaps stumbleupon a nice parka or a cute pair of non-overly expensive shoes can I get them?” I bat my eyelashes.

“I suppose.” He laughs.

“Wooh!” I pump my fist and practically skip out of Pizza Junction.

Amber’s eyes instantly find me, and spot the credit card in my hand. Surprise crosses her face.

“Wow, I didn't know daddy made enough money for you to spend it freely.” She says.

“There’s a lot you don’t know.” I continue walking.

The Kitchen store is located around the corner from Burlington. It is probably the number one place my dad spends most of his money next to Lowes. He’s big on cooking and projects.

Inside the kitchen store I spot the deer jerky processor and look at the price. Holy shit. I grab one of the boxes and heave. It weighs almost 30 pounds. Not really a lot of weight, but when it’s so compact, it is. I place it on the counter and continue shopping for the measuring cups.

“These are the ugliest things I have ever seen,” I mumble to myself.

“State of the art.” Someone says from behind me. I let out a squeal and jump to the side. My hand fluttering to check my heart beat.

“You scared me.” I laugh light-heartedly.

“Sorry.” The store clerk rubs the back of his neck.

“So, what makes these any better than these ones?” I ask, incredulously. Two different measuring cups were in my hands. One was Pyrex and made of ceramic, painted a pea green. The one Nina wants. And the other is a normal glass with no brand label. At least not one that is visible.

“Well, this is ceramic, so it’s easier to break and chip. Also, there’s a better chance of things sticking into the pores of the ceramic. But the glass, since the molecules are so tight together, they’re less likely to get food stuck, and for that easier to clean.” He explains.

“Wow.” I nod. “But I think I’ll stick with the ceramic. It’s the one he wants.” I hold up the ugly pea green measuring cup.

“I take it you’re also the one who’s buying the deer jerky processor?” He smirks.

“Yep. That’s me.”

“Alright. Let me ring you up.” He walks behind the register and punches in some letters and numbers. He pulls out a portable scanner and tracks the barcode

“Enjoy your day.” He smiles. I slide the bag containing the measuring cup on my wrist and picked up the giant box of Deer Jerky processor.

I head back to Pizza Junction. I struggle the entire way. Even though it’s only around the corner, I still had to lug the thirty pound box on top of holding the 3 pound ceramic measuring cup. I can’t see where I am going and end up stumbling over my feet. A pair of hands grabs the sides of the giant box and I gasp. I thought I was going to drop it.

“You good?” A deep familiar voice asks.

I nod slowly, unable to see my helper, “Yeah. It’s just heavy. But thank you.” I smile.

“No problem.” He takes the box from me unexpectedly.

“Oh! You don’t have t… okay…” I step to the side.

“So, where’s this going?” He asks.

“Um… PIzza Junction. “

“A Jerky cooker to a pizza place? Huh.”

I laugh at his comment and start to walk towards the pizza place. My dad looks over and smiles.

“That was fast. Nina and I usually spend like an hour in there.” He remarks.

“In and out. Where do you want it?”  I ask.

“Um… Actually, take it to the truck. I’ll meet you out there in like two minutes. Okay?” He tosses me the car keys and i catch them with ease. I push my glasses up the bridge of my nose.

“Okay,” I turn to the boy helping me, “I can take it from here.” I hold out my hands to retrieve the box.

“No thanks. I got it. Just direct me where to go.”


He follows me to the truck and I unlatch the back. He slides the box into the bed of the truck and I finally get a god look at his face.

It’s Ambrose Dayton.

“W...uh… thank you.” I mumble.

“Are you okay?” He cocks his head to the side and smiles.

“I’m okay… I think.” My dad comes up behind Ambrose and claps his hand on his shoulder.

“Hey there son.” He smiles pleasantly.

“Oh my god, dad.” I facepalm myself.

“Want to introduce me to your friend here, Caydince?”

“Nope.” I shake my head vigorously.

“Cay, be polite.” He warns.

I heave out a loud sigh and gesture towards Ambrose.

“Dad, this is Ambrose Dayton. He goes to school with me.”

“Nice to meet you. I rarely ever get to meet any of Caydince’s friends. For a while I thought she was anti-social.” He laughs and nudges Ambrose with his elbow.

“Right...well, Ambrose, we have lots to do today.” I say, trying to speed along the conversation and end it.

“We’re building an addition to my house. My daughter here is scared to use the nail gun. It’s funny.” Dad winks at him.

“Dad. Please.” I groan.

“Wow. I’m actually pretty handy with stuff like that.” Ambrose nods.

“Really? Would you like to help? It’s just us two, and there’s a lot to do. I’ll pay you.” He smiles.

“Sure. Let me check with my mom first…”

Like I said, nothing in my life has a happy ending. Or at the moment a happy beginning...


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