my sacrifice

i hoped to lead the creature away from my friends at least they got away


1. My sacrifice

As I look up at the stars dying thoughts raced through my head did she make it , did it eat her , did they die. I am Sky and this is the story of how I died. It was an early Sunday morning I had just woke up when my friend decided we were going hiking this morning. ``ìt is to early I complained ``shut up and get dressed´´ she said  fine I said I got up and got my clothes from my sleeping bag a grey t-shirt, jeans, and hiking boots not much but it will do. Once I had brushed my teeth and hair I went back into her room.Abby was already dressed in a purple long sleave shirt and a camo army jacket.Why are you not wearing a jacket? She asked because its not cold I said It's forty degreese she said so I said so thats cold and go put on a jacket she said fine I went to my bag and got out my black leather jacket ok lets go she said as we headed out the door and walked to the woods I had a sudden urge to turn back uh lets go back I said your not scared are you Abby said no it's just I got a bad feeling about this come on lets just go Abby said  ok fine but you owe me I said ok let's go she said we kept walking untill we were at the edge of the woods Abby walked right into the trees and I followed her.The trees were towering over us the birds were chirping wildly as if telling us to turn back are you sure about this? I said yes now lets go Abby said. As we headed farther into the woods there was something moving in the bush then a bunny with a huge gash in itś leg came out Abby ran over to assist it OMG what happened! Abby we should go I said NO we need to help this poor animal Abigail have you stopped to consider that whatever did this could still be here! Abby stood up so fast she fell down again I helped her back up ok how do we get out I said I thought you knew Abby said great so now we are lost in the woods with whatever did that I said as I pointed to the bunny´s leg. What do you think did that it looks to big to come from a wolf or coyote. Do you have any bandages? Asked Abby I may have some from our last hike. I pulled out some white bandages and handed them to Abby she grabbed the bunny and put the bandages on itś injured leg it struggled to get free but Abby wouldn´t  let it once she was finished she let it go and it looked at us and ran away as fast as it could with it´s injured let it. A shadow of something somewhat huminoid cast over us run! Abby turned to face me and her expresion turned to complete fear and we ran through the woods together whatever was behind us ran after us.I maneged to look back and caught a glims of what we were running from I soon regretted my decision it had leathery grey skin and few strands of hair on its head its eyes were pitch black it had long claws for fingers stand with blood from  the last victim I ran faster than I had ever run before Abby was still in front of me ever since we were in fifth grade she had been faster than me. We both can´t make it Abby one of us has to distract it while the other gets away I said I will I said no! Abby said there is no use arguing I have a knife in my back pack you just get away and promise you won´t look back I said But Abby said promise m e Abigail ! with tears in her eyes she said I promis I grabbed the knife in my bag and stood my groud as Abby got away I was now directly in front of it staring into its black eyes it launched it´s self at me but I doged and gave it an ugly cut on it´s side the fighting classes I took in seventh grade were finally paying off. It launched at me and I wasn´t so lucky it´ś claw made an ugly cut on my chest  I screamed I didn´t have much time the cut nearly scraped my heart I would soon bleed out but I wasn´t going to go down without a fight I launched at it and impaled my knife into its chest it ran away and I was left alone in the woods my vision was blurred now I fell to the ground and then I stared up at the stairs and bleed to death. 


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