my sacrifice

i hoped to lead the creature away from my friends at least they got away


2. Abigail

 Tears in my eyes as I ran knowing that I would never see my friend again I heard the creature roar and I couldn't help but smile but not long after that, I heard a scream and my smile faded. I didn´t want to keep running I wanted to go back and help her but what could I do I had no weapon and not much arm strength so I kept running.Soon the creature was behind me and would soon catch up to me I grabbed a log from the ground and almost dropped it because of its weight but I managed to throw it at its head it didn´t stop it but it delayed it. It seemed like I had been running for hours the sun had already set and I could hear the creature behind me soon I could see the edge of the woods I ran faster and I made it out of the woods the creature followed me but when it reached the edge of the trees it was as if it had run into glass it tryed to leave again but the same thing happend I coulden´t stand any longer so I fell to the ground and looked up at the stars the same stars that my friend looked up at as she died.

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