A Girl Named Kasey

When a young black teenager is found dead at a local gas station, it is up to Detectives Riley Morse and Marley Reynolds to search for clues, was this a racial attack? or was it something
completely different? Morse is trying to rebuild her life after a horrible break up that left her heartbroken and angry, this case may bring back her sanity. But the more she digs into the case,
the more danger she is in, falling for the victim's father wasn't on the list, and what does a girl named Kasey have to do with anything?


1. Chapter 1

‘One single gunshot wound to the head, the victim was killed instantly’.

Detective Riley Morse closed her eyes and rubbed her temples, she had a pounding headache, and this job didn’t require for her to call in sick, she had just gotten a call from the Constable about a crime scene, she loved this job, but she also despised it.

‘Morse, are you alright?’

Detective Marley Reynolds was crouching down next to her, a concerned frown etched her face, Morse smiled, ‘I’m fine, I just have a massive headache right now’.

‘Been having a little whizz at the drinks last night?’

‘More than a whizz’.

Both women stared down at the body, the gas station wasn’t the likely place to be attacked because of CCTV, it was a young man, a teenager, around seventeen to nineteen, ‘so young’, Reynolds said with a grim face, ‘yes, a lot of the younger ones are throwing themselves at death now’, Morse wasn’t particularly sympathetic towards the lot, which separated herself from Reynolds, who showed the complete opposite, Reynolds managed to find the young boys drivers licensee, ‘Alan Withband, nineteen years old’.


Morse carefully got to her feet, making sure her temples don’t explode with pain, Reynolds joined her, ‘this should be enough, I’ll give it to Max, he’ll run it through the database and hopefully we’ll have more information about the victim by the end of the day’, she said as she put the card into a plastic bag before walking off, leaving Morse alone with the body. He was dressed casually and dark blue denim jacket, which was rather torn and dirty from the struggle, he fought his attacker before the bullet ended his life. He was lying face down, but that didn’t stop Morse from identifying that he was black. There could be a heap of reasons why he would’ve been killed. She shook the thought from her mind, it wasn’t nice of her to suddenly think of that, just because he was black didn’t mean he had any reason to die. She had to dig deeper before judging him. She turned and left the body, the crew was going to go and take the body to the labs, where a further examination was going to take place.
Reynolds had offered Morse a ride, ‘so… How're things with Harry?’ Reynolds asked as she started the car and began backing out of the car park, ‘he’s no longer living with me anymore’, Morse bit out, but she as glad he wasn’t there anymore, just seeing his face made her angry.

‘Oh… It really didn’t work out then’.

‘No, it didn’t.

‘He wasn’t really your type in the end’.

‘Not even close, I’m going to have a break from guys’.

‘And what? Move onto girls?’

Morse glared at Reynolds in disgust, and seeing the glare Reynolds burst out laughing, ‘don’t worry Riley, I was only kidding, it’s just the way you said it okay’, Morse rolled her eyes before leaning back into the seat, ‘it’s just been hectic for me lately, I didn’t think it should carry on’.

‘That’s fine, if it’s affecting you that much then it has to be taken away, you’ve got a demanding job and he can’t keep on asking you to skip work’
Harry was Morse’s ex, she had met him a year ago, of course it was love at first sight, she had agreed for him to move into her condo, and they had enough money, they would move into a house, but a few months ago Morse had caught him with another woman, no, they weren’t having sex, but what he was implying was saying otherwise, which really ticked her off. She let it go for a few months, but then it happened again, and that time, there was a fight, it also bugged Morse why she didn’t let him go the very first time it had happened, maybe she was too in love to have any common sense.

‘Anyway, enough about me, how’s Jack going?’

Unlike Morse, Reynolds was married, Jared Hayman his name was, and they had a child, a boy named Michael, he was seven. Reynolds smiled as she drove on, ‘yeah, it’s been great, Michael loves school, which is good, Jared is having a little trouble at work, but nothing he can’t solve without patience ’.

‘I wish I had your life’.

‘Hey, I don’t like sharing’.

Morse chuckled, she felt her phone buzzing, and she answered it, ‘Riley?’ By god it was him, it was Harry, ‘what do you want Harry?’ Morse had quickly put the phone on loudspeaker, Reynolds wanted to hear everything, just in case he decided to use any form of blackmail against Morse, he had tried to once and there was no doubt he would do it again.

‘Look, can we at least meet up and have something to eat together, like normal times?’

‘No, I’m busy Harry, as you should be too’.

‘Very funny, now come on, stop being so im- ‘.

‘Don’t call me immature, because I’m not, what you did to me was horrible, of all things you’re the immature one!’

She hung up with a sigh, she felt something warm touch her thigh, Reynolds had rested her hand gently on her leg, to comfort her, ‘you need to block him from your phone, he’s only going to create more stress, and you don’t need any more for the time being, you’ve got a case to work on’.

‘He just pisses me off so much, he acts like he’s done nothing wrong!’

‘I know, people who cheat tend to act like that, their pride gets the better of them’.

Morse had quickly switched her phone back on and blocked his number, she really didn’t need to have him in her life at the moment, right now they had a serious case to work on. 

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