The Camp of Legend A novel Special Edition

The SPECIAL EDITION of Camp of Legend that has longer chapters.


4. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2013


​One year later....


Nathaniel Deane, Jr., thirty, was smoking a cigarette.

He shivered in the hot, summer's morning in June. There wasn't anything supernatural, paranormal, or occult at Camp Crystal Lake; the camp was doomed since 1935, four years before World War II; the camp's motto of having a fair go for all campers was full of ruinous banter between the locals. Nathaniel had forgotten about the past. It was as if the dread of the opening of Camp Crystal Lake was a portent that was terrifying. He headed towards the campgrounds in an orange 1972 van. It was in vintage condition. The hippy culture seemed to drag onward, as if the idea that evil was pure. Nathaniel drove up the gravelly road. He was near the dim, dark, woods. Once he reached the cabins, he stopped driving. By nine-thirty AM, he took his black seat belt off. Then he opened the driver's-side door...and waited for the new campers to arrive.


Mark Sher walked up the grey road.

He was thinking about Tracie Gorman. She was the Crystal Lake head cheerleader from 2010 to 2011; she grinned at him, and headed to the camp with her new boyfriend Chad Harrison. Mark knew some of the girls in town liked to flaunt their power over the teenagers because they could. Mark shivered. He wondered whether Jason Voorhees was alive. He headed towards the woods. When he saw the old, iron, shack, he saw an old machete lying in the soft mud. He picked it up, and headed towards Camp Crystal Lake. 


"We're lost!", Marcie Jacobson sighed. 

"No, we're two miles north of Crystal Lake", Jamie Roberts said. He gazed at the Native American totem poles. Suddenly a black 2003 van driver arrived on the scene. Marcie waved at the teenage driver. 

"Help you?", the driver asked her.

"Yes, we need to go to Camp Crystal Lake. I'm Marcie. This is Jamie, my boyfriend", she answered him.

"I'm Thad Zachariah. I was going there too. You two can go to the back seat", Thad said. The teenagers nodded, and they opened the passenger-side door, put their black seat belt on, and closed the door. Thad drove up the road towards Camp Crystal Lake, and they were the first group of people there since last year.


Tracie kissed Chad in the woods. She smiled at him.

"We're alone!", she said.

"I know", Chad said. 

Suddenly their romance was interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps. "Someone's here", Tracie shivered. Suddenly they saw Jason Voorhees. He gripped his favourite machete in his right hand, and brought it downward. Tracie screamed. She saw Chad's body lying near Jason's black boots. "No! Don't...", she uttered. She then fled the woods in horror...and raced towards the camp for help before it was too late.


Nathaniel smiled at the campers.

"Good morning. I'm Nathaniel, the head camp counsellor. You're Marcie, Jamie, and Thad; you're the new campers. Please settle down in the cabins...", he said. He was broken up in thought when Marcie arrived. "Help me! Jason Voorhees attacked my boyfriend". Nathaniel stared at her. "I'll call Sheriff Carter. He'll take care of him". And he grabbed his I-phone, and dialled 9-1-1.


Sheriff Dave Carter was forty-four. He was young. He had short, black hair that was greying at the sides; he had blue eyes. He wore a grey shirt with a sparkling silver 'Sheriff' badge on the right-side breast; he was wearing grey trousers, a black belt, brown socks, black, polished, shoes on his huge feet, a watch on his right hand, and a wedding ring on his left, middle, finger. He met Nathaniel. In his hand was a .9mm gun. He gazed at the woods. "Jason Voorhees is dead", he stated. He didn't smile at the teenagers. It was an unstated truth; it was a truth that caused everyone to shiver. "Someone attacked Chad. It was ​Jason; it was Jason", Marcie said. She then broke down...and cried.


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