The Camp of Legend A novel Special Edition

The SPECIAL EDITION of Camp of Legend that has longer chapters.


3. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2012-Part Two


The light moon's glow of Camp Crystal Lake was freezing.

Jacob Fried Carsen gazed out of the black van. He was determined not to believe in the supernatural. He glanced at the camp's sign. "Jacob, come inside!", Martha Carsen, his wife, yelled. He checked his silvery Rolex watch. It read: 7:06 PM. The tents were closed. As the thirty year old couple bickered, Jason Voorhees stalked them. The hockey masked killer wore a hockey mask on his deformed, swollen, face; the sharp machete was stained in some blood, as he breathed in the cold, evening, air. Jacob walked out of the tent. There was nothing worse than having a row with his wife of three years. Jacob sensed movement. "Hello, is there anyone there? Hello!", he yelled. He shook his head with frustration. By 7:09 PM, Jason Voorhees swung the machete high in the cool air, and brought it downward. Jacob screamed; he wasn't used to death. Seconds later, Martha Carsen screamed. She grabbed a poker in her right hand. Jason didn't see her coming. With a loud ​thud! noise, he fell to the hard ground, and was unconscious.


Thomas gazed at the police cars zooming towards Camp Crystal Lake. Christine followed him. "Is it Jason Voorhees?", she asked him.

"Yes", he answered her.

And she shivered, as the nightmare was over.

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