The Camp of Legend A novel Special Edition

The SPECIAL EDITION of Camp of Legend that has longer chapters.


2. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2012


It was a cold, summer's day in the cursed town of Crystal Lake. Marla Sanders gazed out of the glass windows of the blue 2008 van. She remembered the old horror stories that was mixed in with mystery over the camp over the decades ever since Jason Voorhees had drowned in nineteen fifty-seven when he was eleven. Or allegedly had. Visions of terror had ruined the camp since then Barry Jones, and Claudette Harrison, the seventeen year old camp counsellors, were blamed for his death. The rumour was that Pamela Sue Voorhees, the cook, had dragged her disabled son out of the deep water with her small hands. And took him back to the iron shack that was in the middle of the muddy woods which were surrounded by oak trees. Ronald Daniels, Marla's boyfriend, was eighteen. He gazed at the gravelly road. "Camp Crystal Lake is three miles north of the Diner", he said. Marla, who was also eighteen, nodded. They were the new camp counsellors. And the trouble of the past was all but forgotten. "There it is", she uttered. And she looked at Ronald, and headed to the camp without any kind of further problems.


Maddie Campbell, eighteen, was watching the road. "Jason Voorhees will get us if we're not careful", she said. "He's dead", Randall Piper, her eighteen year old boyfriend, said. He focused on Karl Franklin, the seventeen year old joker of the camping group. "Look out! There's two black logs in the middle of the ashy road", he said. Randall frowned. He got out, then Karl frowned. "Jason Voorhees did the same trap back in the summer of nineteen eighty", he stated. Maddie stretched her tired legs. As she explored the greenery, she noticed the sign that read in bold: ​CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE-ESTABLISHED 1935​. She shuddered as her blue eyes squinted in the bright sunshine. "Let's go!", Karl said. Once the logs were cleared out, they headed back to the van, and Randall drove towards Camp Crystal Lake.


Marla saw the van first.

"Greetings! Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. I'm Marla. This is Ronald. We're the head camp counsellors for the week. You must be Maddie, Randall, and Karl. Let's get settled into the camp", she said. And she smiled, as they headed towards the cabins, and made sure they were looking forward to the week ahead.


Thomas Avery gazed at the camp. He was determined not to think of the impending dread that forced himself to believe that Jason Voorhees was dead. He was alive. He was certain of it ever since Alice Hardy had died. He was thinking about Paul Holt and Ginny Field, the camp counsellors at the Counsellor Training Camp, back in the hot summer of nineteen eighty. They had warned the other campers about the dangers of going to Camp Crystal Lake; they had seen a lot of wildlife like bears, moose, and elks, roaming the woods. Thomas, who was African-American, was thirty. He had grew up at Crystal Lake High School, then he became a hunter during his twenties. Thomas had came back to Crystal Lake in the summer of 2005. He was determined to get rid of Jason Voorhees once and for all. And, for him, that was all that mattered.


Marla Sanders looked at the cabins.

There were ten of them. 

Once everyone looked at them, she stared out of the windows.

When she saw a figure in the woods, she frowned. 

"What's the matter?", Ronald asked her.

"Nothing. I thought I saw someone...Don't worry". 

And she shivered.


Maddie walked towards the lake.

She changed into a red T-shirt, blue shorts, black socks, and brown shoes. On her right hand was a silver watch. She then noticed a sharp machete lying on the soft, muddy, ground. Suddenly she heard a snapping sound. Maddie stared at the woods. Suddenly she saw Jason Voorhees. He wore a hockey mask on his face, and a brown boiler suit. His black boots were covered in mud. He grabbed the machete high in the air...and brought it downward towards Maddie. 

"No!​", she yelled.

But it was too late. 

She was already dead.


Randall watched the lake.

"Where's Maddie? She's missing", he asked Marla.

"She...", Randall said.

And he saw her body...and screamed.


"It was Jason", Marla said.

"Isn't he dead?", Karl asked her.

"I don't know", Marla answered.

"Let's call the Sheriff", Ronald said.

And they shivered.


Crystal Lake Sheriff Richard J. Lowe, II, thirty-nine, was the youngest person to have the Top Job since he was elected. He had remembered the days of his Grandpa Peter Lowe, who told him stories about Sheriff Earl Tierney's time in the early 1960's to late 1970's, when he had to go on patrol about the Crystal Lake area. "He believed in the weirdness of the town, and the Voorhees' family. The legend of the camp was something that scared people", he said. And Earl, as he grew up, heard about the most hated name in Crystal Lake. Even the Christy family, were trying to warn him about them. The rumour of Jason Voorhees being alive was just a story...nothing more. He drove towards the camp. And, as he did so, Marla waved at him...and he knew that there was another death at Camp Crystal Lake.


Thomas Avery scanned the ​Crystal Lake Gazette​ on his computer. He was thinking about Pamela and Jason Voorhees; he was concerned since Rob Dier, the twenty-five year old hunter of Jason, whose eighteen year old sister, Sandra Dier, and her boyfriend, Jeff Harrow, eighteen, who died in the hot summer of nineteen eighty, at the counsellor training camp, as well as the others. He printed out the article that read: ​CRYSTAL LAKE KILLER IS STILL ALIVE​ BY RICHARD THOMPSON, JR. It was dated: Friday, June 13, 1980. Thomas, who was drinking coffee, shivered. He felt the impact of the nefarious mood that gripped the town of Crystal Lake; he felt the terror in his fractured mind, as he wanted, (and needed), to feel terror in his blood. Suddenly he grabbed the piece of paper and placed it in a light brown suitcase. He was about to leave for Camp Crystal Lake when he saw a woman waving at him by the left-side of the dirt road.

"What's wrong?", he asked her.

"It's the tires. They're flat. And I don't have a pump to inflate the tires", she answered him. She looked at him.

"Hang on. I have some pumps. I'm Thomas".

"Christine. I didn't think you'd be close to Camp Crystal Lake".

"I'm hunting Jason Voorhees. He isn't dead".

"I thought he was dead".

"No. He isn't. He was rescued from the deep water of the lake by his insane mother, Pamela; he lived in an old, silvery, shack with her for years. He waited for his mother to feed him wild, red, berries from the dark woods; he fed on other food that came his way. When Alice Hardy attacked Pamela in the hot summer of nineteen seventy-nine with a hatchet, the nightmare was over...or so it seemed. Jason was thirty-three back then. He watched Alice. But she was taken to Crystal Lake Hospital. When she told Sheriff Earl Tierney that Jason had attacked her in a canoe in the middle of the lake, and that he was alive, he didn't believe her. Sadly, after she recovered, she was emotionally distant towards her parents, Sandra and Edward Hardy, who were both fifty year old psychiatrists who worked at the Crystal Lake Hospital for over twenty-five years. This was decades before the modern, 21st century mental health world we all live in these days. Camp Crystal Lake's ancient look in the nineteen thirties through to World War II, then to the nineteen fifties, was supposed to make everyone feel good; the camp was popular. Then, sadly, Jason Voorhees's drowning was the catalyst for the so-called 'death curse' that had plagued it. When Barry and Claudette died in the cobwebby barn in nineteen fifty-eight, there was the arson in nineteen fifty-nine, the poisoned water in nineteen sixty, and other matters of concern that led to the camp's closure in nineteen sixty-one". 

"What 'other matters?'", Christine asked him.

"Mainly the doomed people of Crystal Lake. Crazy Ralph was born in nineteen ten. He grew up in town. Back then, the town was new and exciting. There was a local school, farm lands, a Museum, and the lake. After World War I ended in nineteen-eighteen, Reverend Alston, III, a local preacher, warned of an Apocalypse. Because many soldiers died in Europe, America, and overseas, the survivors arrived at Crystal Lake to marry, and raise their families. Reverend Alston III, was heard saying: '​Camp Crystal Lake will be built from 1924 to 1934. It will be a Christian camp where sinning campers will be punished; sinning is an evil deed in God's eyes...'. Crazy Ralph was there from 1935 to 1965. For three decades, nothing happened. The campers sung Christian songs, and jumped into the clear, blue, lake's water. They farmed the camp's land, and explored the dark woods. In nineteen sixty-six, Pamela Sue Voorhees built an iron shack with Jason Voorhees, her son. It was allegedly finished in the cold winter of nineteen seventy. According to reports, Sheriff Matt Kennedy, who was forty-nine, visited them. He was happy that all of the legal requirements were fulfilled. Pamela was Camp Tomahawk's cook from 1969 to 1971. By  the winter of 1972 to late August of 1976, Pamela vanished like a ghost. The reports were that she had died from pneumonia, and left Jason alone to fend off intruders. Maybe it was true; maybe not. By December of 1976, Mr. and Mrs. Christy, died from natural causes. They were in their early sixties. In January of 1977, Steve Colson Christy, or Steve Christy as he was known, the son of the owners, funded $25,000 to fix up the camp. He, and his Californian artist girlfriend, Alice Hardy, twenty-one, who was a native Californian, was the Assistant Camp Counsellor. Steve was dating her for two years. He became obsessed with the notion that Camp Crystal Lake wasn't doomed; that the camp was fun for the hippy youths of the nineteen seventies. By the summer of nineteen seventy-eight, Steve and Alice were determined to succeed. Steve was educated at Crystal Lake High School from 1964 to 1971. In the winter of 1972, he studied Recreational Camping, and got his degree in December of that year, just before Christmas. He was twenty-two years' old. By June of 1973 to June of 1977, Steve spoke to Sheriff Earl Tierney about the new campers who would come to Camp Crystal Lake. Tierney, who accepted the Top Job in the freezing winter of 1973, was fifty-seven, knew all about the deaths of Barry and Claudette back in nineteen fifty-eight; Tierney wasn't sure about Jason Voorhees, or his parents, because he lived in Lawrence, Kansas from 1949 to 1969 as the Deputy Sheriff. He was schooled from 1942 to 1952. By 1955 to 1958, he attended Lawrence, Kansas University majoring in History, and Geology. It was during those years that he had read Camp Crystal Lake's bad history. The talk about him not knowing about Jason Voorhees proved to be true; Jason wasn't on the radar because he wasn't a local. Sheriff Tierney patrolled the campgrounds from 1970 to 1979. He was a great person. For two decades, crime was down. And, suddenly, when nineteen year old Annie, the hitchhiker, died when she wanted to go to Camp Crystal Lake in the deep, foreboding, woods, the idea that Pamela Sue Voorhees, who was now forty-nine, was the killer, hadn't deeply affected Sheriff Earl Tierney. He wasn't concerned about Annie's death. By June of 1979, Steve as well as Alice, hired teenagers to be campers at Camp Crystal Lake. Steve knew Pamela Sue Voorhees from his camping days in 1964. He was fourteen years' old. She was paid $50 a camping season. It was good money since the season was short. And she knew that Jason was alive. It was her mysterious secret. The old story was that Pamela fled the camp in 1958 when Jason drowned in 1957; the original ​story was that after Jason was protected. Pamela, who was born in 1930, was a single mother. She was still seething after what happened to him. And, as she cooked in the small kitchen, she decided that the camp needed to close. She had committed arson, and poisoned the water in the late nineteen-fifties. But she didn't leave until the 1964 camping season was over. From 1959 to 1964, no one could've known about Pamela's mental state. In the end, Camp Crystal Lake was closed down. For almost fifteen years the camp was empty of campers. By 1965 to 1975, all of the teenagers headed to Camp Tomahawk. And then, as I said, Steve Christy came back to fund it in late 1977, to mid-1978. And, when it did re-open in June of 1979, he hoped nothing bad would happen. Annie, Ned, Brenda, Jack, and Marcie, were there to be the new campers...and cooks. They all died at the hands of Pamela Sue Voorhees, except for Alice Hardy. She attacked Mrs. Voorhees with a light, black, frying pan. And, as she headed to the beach part of Camp Crystal Lake, she attacked her after a fight. Earlier on, in the darkness of the glowing full moon, Pamela told her about Jason, and that he couldn't swim. '​Jason was my son; my only son. He drowned in the cold water. I saved him. He lived in our shack in the deep woods while I worked as the cook. The Christy's shouldn't've told Barry and Claudette to be in charge of the campers; they were romantically involved. The were in the words of the Reverend, sinners'". Christine nodded.

"Isn't that what really happened. That we're all punished for Jason Voorhees's drowning in nineteen fifty-seven. That's if he drowned", Thomas stated.

"If he drowned​", Christine said.

"Exactly. Now, since the so-called 'death curse' is real, we also can suspect all of the campers, and counsellors, and other locals at Crystal Lake, have suffered. When Steve Christy died when he was twenty-nine, it was the end of his bloodline. He never married, and had no children. It was fate which caused him to die young. A tragedy. Steve drove his green Jeep that he brought for $3,000 in November of 1974. The other news was there was a second green Jeep that Pamela Sue Voorhees drove. It was owned by Elias Voorhees's father. Death comes in all forms", Thomas said.

And Christine waited for her car to be fixed, as the camp of legend story finished.

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