The Book


4. chapter 4


FIREEEEE' zara's alarm rings

"Haaaaaa im awake" she said to the alarm

"Children,wake up.I made some pancakes!!!" Her mother scream

"Okayyyyyyy,mommmmm" the three siblings shout at the same time

Zara look at her phone and China left her a text

I will be there at 10.gonna meet your mom first,she look like a nice person,and then we gonna go to the mall.

"What time is it?~WAIT,10.30!!!" She brush her teeth immidiately and run to the kitchen

"So,your husband propose you when you are skydiving?" China ask to zara's mother

"Yup,and my husband pass out after landed on the ground because he was too nervous" zara's mother reply

China and zara's mother laugh together

"Well,you guys get along together so fast" zara interrupted them

"Waiting for you to wake up is really damn long wait" zara giggles

"So,shall we eat breakfast?" Zara's mother invite them

"Okay" they both answer

After breakfast...

"That is so good" said china while rubbing her tummy (lol why this sound like kinda like a kid)

"Yaa mom~hey china lets go to my room,i need to get ready first" they both go upstairs

Zara slam her door and jump to her bed

"Nice room,zara"

"Thanks!" Zara smile

Zara goes into the bathroom and take a shower

Few minutes later...

"So what should i wear?" Zara ask china

"Hmm maybe some retro thing-ish?"

To be continued....

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