The Book


2. chapter 2

"Mom,im going out for a walk"zara shout

"Okay,hun.Be back before 9"her mom reply

Zara slam the door and leave the house

"Ugh finally freedom!" She said

She put her earphone on and start dancing in public

'Mic drop bamm! Did you see my bag?did you see my' and then she hit a pole.

"Hey,are you okay?"someone ask zara

"Im okay and im not drunk"zara reply

"Umm okay" that 'someone' reply

That 'someone' help zara to get up

"Im China but everybody call me cinnamon cause i sell cinnamon bun"

"Well hi im zara and people call me Z" zara laugh

"Are you new here? I never seen you anywhere" china ask

"Yup,new and tired of my life"zara answer china's question

"Hey,don't say that! Well you look familiar"

"Well maybe because my sis and bro is a famous youtuber,serena and zach and im their duff sister"

"Ughh seriously,i actually hate em cause they look like logan and jake paul wannabe"

"I know right!"

"I think we should stop talking about your siblings,let me take you to ummmm mcdonalds maybe?"

"Yeah sure,i like that"

A few minutes later...

"Ummm what do you want?" The cashier ask

"Large fries and coke!" Zara reply

"So what brings you here?" China give her a question

"Well my mom is a teacher and she have to transfered here and my dad is a doc so he apply a job at the hospital and luckily he got it"

"Cool,what school your mom teach?"

"Well at the international school"

"So are you gonna go to school there?

"Nah i said to my mom that international school is too overrated"

china laugh

"Here is your order" the cashier said

They sit on the table that is next to a lady and her son

"I have to be back before 9"

"Chill its only 8.00"

"So how long have you live here?"

"Umm my entire life"

"You r actually pretty cute" china blush

"Whoops,didn't want to make you blush" zara laugh

China cover her cheeks with her hands and smile

"Thank you" china said

"So are you gonna go to my high school ?"

"Pretty sure,yeah"

"Thank god! How old are you btw?"

"17,how bout you?"


"We are meant to be together!"

She hold china's hands

China blush again

"You really like to blush" zara laugh

Half an hour later...

"Its already 8.30"

"I think we should go home cause my mom told be back before 8.40"


"Let me walk you to your home"

"Sure"zara smile

After they walk... (im so lazy)

"Give me your phone"

"Sure"zara reply

"So this is my number,call me or text me anytime"china walk away



"Are you busy tomorrow?"


"See you tomorrow"

China smile and walk towards her house which is not that far.Zara knock the front door.Her mom open the door

"Who is that,hunny?"

"Well my new friend,china"

"That is fast to meet a new friend"

Zara run to her room and slam the door.The next thing she know is that she pass out.

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