The Book


1. Chapter 1

 well zara just need a good life and a great family,but her life doesn't turn that way cause her siblings are way different,Serena the girl who keep body shape and have silky smooth hair like in the ads and many people like her because she is famous and people call her 'perfect',ughhh but instead she is an ungrateful child lmao.Well her brother,Zach,is also 'perfect',you know what he is kinda like team 10 which is like the group that jake paul created but its 'team ten' (you know what i mean) he is also a youtuber,people call him 'perfect too',yup they are like the perfect siblings,except me im like 'The DUFF' i mean like a real life duff not like in the movie.Well she love food and  comfy clothes and the most shocking thing is she doesn't have instagram feed,woow amazing yeah this is actually a book wait im way far than what i want to say is she found a book and she can write how her life gonna be THE END

'what do you expect when you have to change school and start a whole new chapter of your life.Well maybe you could be the quiet kid or you could be the mean girls or even a grunge kid who still live in 2012 even though it is already 2017 or whatever..............'

'No no no no NO,delete delete delete !'


'Okay,this is okay,this tweet is normal'

 jennaisyourlife : EW life HAHAHHAHAHAHH,nice autocorrect

 yourglitch: Wait what??OMG my typo is life LMAO

 "OMG,delete delete delete that tweet" zara scream

 "Who the hell are you talking with?" serena throw that question to her sis

 "Um no one" serena just roll her eyes 

 "I hate her,ungrateful child" (idk why but this word is kinda funny lmao im weird)

 "Zara,Serena,Zach! its time for dinner" three of them run to their favourite place,the freaking kitchen

 "STOP RUNNING KIDS! THIS IS A FREAKIN NEW HOUSE! APPRECIATE IT LIKE IT IS THE   FREAKING IKEA" well they keep running like a baby (guys i love ikea)

 "Mom,are you cooking da bomb?" zach ask to mrs William

 "I don't understand kids nowdays speak internet languages,can you speak english,zach? thats why i really want you too study hard because i want you to be   someone freaking useful" 

 "So...... lets eat" Mr William interrupt their mom

 Ten minutes later,

 "Mom,that was so good,this is the first time after a few hours in the car i ate   real food" Serena roll her eyes to Zach cause Zach only gave her a super tiny   amount of tacos

 "Girl,you need to stop rolling your eyes or something bad will happen" zach point   his fingers right towards Serena's eyes

 "What are you a freaking doctor?" said Serena while making her annoyed expression

 "Why am i living in this house?" Zara question herself

 "Well if you are homeless,you gonna die" her mom interrupted

Well to be continue cause im so damn lazy!🤦‍♀️

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