When Nawa returns from the dead, everyone was shocked. She soon discovers many secrets that reveal most devasting events. And Nawa must find all details of her lost eighteen years.


2. Chapter: Nawa's Savior

I am walking. I do not know where or why. I only must walk.


My lungs feel so heavy and dry; empty. My feet feel so numb, and my weight feels unbearable; painful.


I cannot see when I hear a shout, "Miss, are you alright?" There is no time to reply before I collapse, the pain finally disappearing.


"Nawa! Stay with me!" The rush of my environment awakens me, and I can see the blurry shapes of those familiar to me and white as we move quickly.


"Nawa, it's me, Rosa. We were once best friends, remember? Comrades; teammates. Please, please don't leave me now!" And her encouragement keeps me alive.

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