Emily Black and The Sorcerers Stone

Emily Black was her name, her birth name, but due to her family’s ‘issues’, she didn’t keep her second name. So to everyone else she was Emily May Morris, she hated the name of course but you know, with her father in Azkaban as an insane psychopath killer and betrayer of the Potter’s, which in her opinion was ridiculous, she didn’t want anyone to mistreat her, or have The Boy Who Lived to despise her, and it was what her mother wanted for her, when she was alive


4. A Nice Chat With Dumbledore

She mumbled something under her breath and a stairway was revealed, she sent Emily up alone, as she crept up the stairs there were two large wooden doors ahead of her, she knock on the door twice and they opened magically.


“Ah, good to see you, Miss Black” Dumbledore said with a serious look on his face.


“You know?” Emily asked very scared and extremely confused


“Of course, I called you hear for a chat for that reason, I understand you are good friends with Mr Potter?”


“I guess, if this is because my father supposedly betrayed the Potter’s, I didn’t do that, you can’t blame me for that and I’m not going to hurt Harry”


“Of course I believe that, and I do believe that Sirius did nothing wrong”


“Please don’t say his name”


“Ah, right, sorry, anyway, the sorting hat has been calling out Emily Black, it’s been calling out for you”


“Why would the sorting hat want me?”


“It does believe it sorted you wrong”


“Is that... possible?”


“We’ve never seen anything like it before, but its worrying, so please, re-take the sorting ceremony”


“I don’t know, isn’t that going to be weird? I mean, I would show up in a new common room, new schedule, everything”


“We’ll say you were moved because of your acts, and I'm sure the Quidditch team would love to have you”


“You know about that?”


“Your swiftness of getting the remberall from Mr Potter was certainly something any team could use”


“Okay, I’ll do it”


Dumbledore flicked his wand and a stool came barrelling out of a cupboard. The hat was retrieved out of a glass case and put onto her head.


“How do you work?” Emily asked the hat.


“I... look... for... the... most... certain... future... for... you... and... base... it... off... your... actions... in... the... future, but... your... most... certain... future... was... changed... when... you... decided... to... forgive... Ronald Weasley” The hat said slowly


“I was more likely to not forgive Ron, then to actually forgive him?”




“Okay, now I'm done, no more questions from me”


“Ahem, Emily Black... Gryffindor!”


Emily didn’t know how to respond, she just got up, she was so happy she wanted to burst, no more dealing with Draco in the common room, actually spending time with people she cared about, with a warm setting, and people who were nice and who cared for her to, most importantly, it would make her feel closer to her father.

Interrupting her thoughts, there was a loud knock on the door, the doors swung open and the Gryffindor prefect arrogantly sauntered in, Emily was taken aback, the prefect had walked in only moments after she had been placed into Gryffindor, almost like magic.


“You wished to see me?” He said


“Yes, you two can take the next period off, I will signify your teacher”


“Yes sir”


“Mr Weasley, will you please introduce Miss Morris to the common room, and introduce her to the Gryffindor, I trust you can help her fit in”


“Of course sir”



Occasionally, in most stories I write, I purposely make chapter shorter for effect, or when I don’t like the chapter so much itself and want to hurry and get it over with, I wanted to make this one shorter so I could go on to later in the day without having to join the two parts together with something.

I will update as much as I can but I'm going through some hard things at the moment.  





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