My Canoe Trip Friend

Mature Content.
Two boys go on a long canoe trip, then stop for a rest and more.
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2. Part 2 - Empty House


 A friend of mine “Joel” and I were out walking one day and came upon this empty house. I’ve drove passed it many times and always wondered about it. The lawn is never cut and when you look in the windows its pretty much empty. It must be only two or three years old and I’ve heard, some old lady had it built and never moved in.

 It’s “way out there” on some old country road, with no other houses around it so Joel & I decide to see if we could get in. As we walked around it we found an open basement window and so we crawled in. The basement had a wet floor and was pretty much dark & empty.

 We headed up the stairs and found that others may have been there, some walls where kicked in and beer cans all around. The main bedroom had just a plywood floor and a pile of rug padding stuffed in the corner, it was like they where going to install it and stopped.

 Joel pulled out the padding to the middle of the room and sat on it and said; “This is kind of nice, maybe we can move in” I laughed and said; “I would move in anywhere with you” Joel just smiled, and started rubbing on the bulge in his jeans. As always, he was thinking the same thing as I was and also, he was just as horny as me!

 Rubbing on that bulge in his jeans, he laid back on the padding and smiled at me. It just made me hard in a second. (For me, almost anything will) I then dropped my shorts, pulled off my shirt. Then I pulled off Joel’s shirt and started licking his tight abs. What a nice six-pack he’s got too! He always wear’s those super tight “spandex like” shirts too. They always show his tight abs. 

 I move my tongue up his chest, lick nipples and then started a long deep kiss. (He always tastes great) He then started removing his pants and pulled down my underwear. We both are then hard as a rock. So, we lay there kissing and rubbing our cocks together. Joel then pushed me up and spun himself around so we could “69 it” for a time. Then, me being so fucking horny, I lost it in Joel’s mouth! He then just giggled with my cock in mouth. He then soon lost his in mine and boy, did he cum a load!

 He told me later that he hadn’t been jacking-off much lately, just so he could watch me drink ton of his cum down! Boy did I like it too! We then just laid there a while longer, waiting for our hard-ons to soften up. That’s hard to do with someone licking at yours!

 The next day we were just out in the woods necking a little when I asked Joel, “What’s in your backpack you brought with you”? (He was dragging it around since I met him that morning.) He just smiles and tells me to call my mom. “Just tell her where going spend the night studying” Or so he tells me. He then starts rubbing the bulge in my jeans and says, “I got everything we need”!

 We ended up back in that empty house to spend the night. It was great too… Joel had it all planed out. (He was good at that) In his backpack he had candles, matches, rags for over the windows and even some food to eat. We even grabbed a blanket out of my pickup. I got hard so many times that night; I think it was a record!! And that Joel, he is always hard, except when he’s asleep. Then I’ll start licking his soft naked cock; he’ll then wake up and beg me to suck him off. What a great night! (And a good morning too)

 End of Part 2

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