My Canoe Trip Friend

Mature Content.
Two boys go on a long canoe trip, then stop for a rest and more.
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1. Part 1 - "An Interesting Canoe Trip"


 A friend of mine "Joel" called me up on Friday, at around midnight one-night last August. All excited, he said his dad would let us borrow his canoe the next day if we took care of it. Not knowing anything about this, I just said “well OK, what the hell, it might be fun”.

 Saturday came around and was it fuck’n hot out, In the 90’s and it was still in the morning. I stopped by my friends’ house and there he was waiting out front with the canoe and a big cooler. Him still being all excited he just says “lets go, lets go”! We load the stuff in my old pick up and headed out.

 We headed down to an old side road (kind of in the middle of no where) where there’s a small bridge over a small to medium sized river. We unloaded the canoe and tossed everything in it and set out.

 By this time, we were both down to nothing but our shorts, it was HOT! We both grabbed a Gatorade from the cooler and set out paddling downstream. I sat in the back and Joel sat up front. We paddled a way on the river and I must admit I couldn’t help notice his good look’n body, his arms, shoulders and thin waist. I have noticed it before but not all sweaty and tan like it was now.

 Joel being 17 and me at 19, we’ve been friends a long time and neither one with a girlfriend, I always wondered, well… “What he went for”? Me never wanting to harm our friendship, pretty much never said anything about what I really thought of him.  

 Downstream a way, we came upon some big rocks that we needed lift the canoe over. The water only a foot or so deep it was no big deal, plus with it so fuck’n hot out, it was great getting into the water! We lifted the canoe over the rocks, and again, I’m thinking mainly about taking care of his dad’s canoe when, splash, he drops his end and falls in the water. After we both stopped laughing, he picks his end up and we got over the rocks. We put the canoe back down in the water and both just sat down on the shoreline. 

 So, you can picture all this, we were now pretty much “out in the boonies” not a house or a barn in site. Just trees, grass and woods. We just sat there a minute or two and then lay back in the soft grass on the shore and our feet in the water. 

 Lying on our backs, looking up at the trees, I then said something like, “We are in the middle of fuck’n nowhere, if you want to, take the wet shorts off and hang them to dry” I said it mainly just to make fun of him, but then he says “are you sure you don’t care”? I said, “No, it’s just us, no one around for miles”

 He went right ahead and pulled down his shorts and his underwear and hooked them on a nearby branch. Wow, he was bright white around his waist (just like me) and the rest a perfect tan. We just kind of talked on and on about other stuff and I pretty much just sat there looking at “what he had” I must say he was a “well hung boy” He then sat back down next to me and I must admit I was getting kind of worried, because I was getting kind of hard and my shorts may not hide it. 

 He then says we should get the towels out for something to sit on. I said, “Ok, lets get them” We wade out to the canoe, he then starts splashing me and I splash him back. We laugh at one another and he says, “Now you’re all wet too” I again said nothing; I was kind ‘a worried about my cock getting hard. He then says “Here, I’ll fuck’n help you” He comes up behind me and reaches around front and unhooks my shorts, pulls them down and with my underwear still there, he starts to rub my groin area and says “you already got a fuck’n hard-on mister” I’ll bet I turned bright red, I was worried what he was going to say next. He then just says “Turn around and look at what I got” I do and sure as shit, he already had half a hard-on himself!

 He then reaches in the canoe and grabs the towels and throws them on the shoreline. “Let’s lay in sun and get our midsection tanned”. I go “Lets!” I pulled down my draws and toss them on shore. I must admit my hard cock sprang up and bounced around quite a bit. But then looking at his, mine it got even harder. Seeing how hard his was, I knew then he’s probably thinking the same as me.

 We both crawled up on the shore and on to the towels. Me with my feet to shore and him the other way, head to shore. We laid there 10 min. or so and him stroking his cock and bull-shitting about other stuff. He then stops talking, he looks at my cock, just staring at it. His mouth is now open and still staring, he starts licking his lips. I then just gave up and said, “Lets do it, you take mine, I’ll take yours,” He then says, “God I hoped you’d say that”

 We then 69ed it for quite some time! Believe it or not we both shot our load at about the same time! We both just sucked it all down, every drop! Then we just had some heavy-duty necking, with that cum flavor still in our mouths. We then just stared at one another awhile and stroking one another balls and smiling non-stop. 

 I must admit I’ve never had anything better till then or since then! I had a hard-on all the way back to the pick up.

 PS That night his father checked over his canoe and said “Looks alright, you guys did good” ;)

 End of Part 1

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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