Getting over you

Every day in the corridor I see you. Laughing. Happy. Without me. I don't understand how you can be happy, because I am sure as hell not happy without you. And one day, it all became a little too much....


1. Prologue

Once I fall in love, a part of my heart will always be theirs. I never get it back. I give it to them in blind faith, trusting and hoping they will do the same. And for most people, when they love you back, really, truly and deeply, they give you part of their heart in return, to fill the gap, and they forever remain a part of you.

For me, I give my heart to people who only take, and never give, leaving a slowly increasing hole in my chest. The people I love don't remain a part of me, they leave a scar, a cavity that can never be undone. I never learn my lesson. I am all or nothing, and too often I give my all to the wrong person. I give my all to the person I think I can trust the most, but really every word is a lie. My life is slowly becoming worthless, laborious, and I am no longer filled with the joy, spirit and vigour I used to posses. They took that from me, but he took more than most.

He took my life, my soul, my passion. He took my smile, my confidence, and my love. He took everything I valued, and turned it to dust in front of my eyes, tainting my life forever a dark shade of grey, never to be hidden.

This is my story.

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