You Are Here

You are here, at the cusp of adulthood, the key is in your hand for 21C Autumn Lodge.
He is there, teetering on the edge of maturity in an adult body, a coffee in hand, a dog by his side and the world on his tongue.
For the love category of the Christmas Competition 2017


3. You become a dragon


You become a dragon

The cold air making fire

Come from air.

There is a firework in your shoe

As the spring sets into your crunching steps.

You’re on the way for a coffee

Before the great job hunt begins.


There’s a dusting of snow on the ground,

Just enough to crunch under tread

And not enough to slip.

Instead the cold slips in between your scarf

And your coat,

Edging in to meet skin and shiver.


The day is dark,

Darker than dreams

Of morning,

And the coffee shop is inviting

With morning stars

And flickering light

And warmth.

God forbid the warmth.


Your fingers prune with the heat

And twitch with the harmonies in the air.

But then it’s interrupted with a bark,

A black cloud sitting by the desk,

And all is well

With coffee and morning stars.


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