You Are Here

You are here, at the cusp of adulthood, the key is in your hand for 21C Autumn Lodge.
He is there, teetering on the edge of maturity in an adult body, a coffee in hand, a dog by his side and the world on his tongue.
For the love category of the Christmas Competition 2017


17. It was just a day


It was just a day

Where they spent it with one another.


You watched as she bent over on the wet


And you watched as she laughed out her glory,

Or your glory rather.


“Let’s go shopping.”

She wheezed out finally,

And straightened,

Smoothing out the edges of her scarf.


“Let’s go shopping.”


The world is at a standstill,

As the snow has frozen time

And they are the only ones

That can wade through it.


But there are people in the shops

And so the world returns

To where it was before

The apocalypse came to greet them.


She goes into book stores

And you watch as the time passes,

And the happiness dawns on her face.


She is everything to you,

That is when you realise,

The shortness of your time


And the merging of your winters


Has blurred your perceptions.

She is all you really know

She is your dear.


That is when it dawns on you.


That is when you see the perfect gift for her

And you leave her

To retrieve

What would make her heart sing.


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