You Are Here

You are here, at the cusp of adulthood, the key is in your hand for 21C Autumn Lodge.
He is there, teetering on the edge of maturity in an adult body, a coffee in hand, a dog by his side and the world on his tongue.
For the love category of the Christmas Competition 2017


11. It was awhile



It was awhile

That they

Sat round a table and allowed

Their lips to dance in simple conversation.


They didn’t notice the snow outside

The windows,

Gracing the ground

With feathers and frozen fears.


They didn’t allow themselves to listen

To the only sound

In the whole wide world

That would allow

Clocks to revolve backwards,

and the world to slow on its axis.


The sound that grants sleepy souls

To come alive in childhood.

But no,

they remained the adults their bodies encompassed,

Their hearts reaching out in a way

Only a child would know.


She noticed that he had the world on his tongue,

The crinkled man

Straightening out

With poise and confidence

As the stars came out in his cheeks.


He noticed that she lay at the cusp of everything,

Of the world and of after,

Of reality and beyond.

The snow child became art

As the night swept onwards

And the heathers bloomed

In her cheeks.


He would have noticed

The contrast from her pink colouring

To the white wilderness,

And how she had become a lilac sky.


She would have noticed

The kindness written in strong shoulders,

The sensitivity written in the snowflakes

As the child came out.


But no,

Like all adults would

They ignored the finer things. 


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