You Are Here

You are here, at the cusp of adulthood, the key is in your hand for 21C Autumn Lodge.
He is there, teetering on the edge of maturity in an adult body, a coffee in hand, a dog by his side and the world on his tongue.
For the love category of the Christmas Competition 2017


2. And the night swallows you in pride



And the night swallows you in pride

As the boxes empty and

The apartment becomes yours.

The clock tolls December and the cold sets in

But you don’t feel the bite.

This is home,

Your home

And life settles

Joyfully onto heavy bones.


You would think that you would be lonely,

Held in a home without a family,

With bare walls without photographs,

And lack of character in the wood.


But family may not be a group of people,

 But a place,

A place of comfort,

And self-love.

This is your chance

To claim

Some of your heart back.


So Christmas with the family

Of four walls

And a lampshade from the seventies

is worth a penny or two.


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