You Are Here

You are here, at the cusp of adulthood, the key is in your hand for 21C Autumn Lodge.
He is there, teetering on the edge of maturity in an adult body, a coffee in hand, a dog by his side and the world on his tongue.
For the love category of the Christmas Competition 2017


6. And it goes


And it goes again,

As time spins

Like a knot

Deftly woven.


You’ve unpacked

And unwound the knots

In your back

Forged from lifting cardboard

And soul packed into glass

And fragile things.


Then it arrives.

The letter you’ve never wanted to receive,

The letter you’ve never wanted to open.

The letter from home.

Grim and dull

And murky

And unwanted,

You pick the envelope

With a barely flicked


And trail backwards

To home.


Why, it asks

Like the sender didn’t know what was happening

Under the soil and debris

Of the pressure that mounted

In what used to be home.

Come back,

It pleaded as though the sender believed the words

Would do the damage

And be the horn calling

And pushing you backwards,

Back to the war.


Please, it whispered

On the final line,

Sending off with the word family

And hope

And mom.


But this was home now.

And you wouldn’t go back.

You would not jump through hurdles,

Break your bones

And wants,

To go back to the man

That called your mother home.


This was home.

The only option,

The only light,

The only want,

Was forward. 


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