Next Door Neighbor - Larry Stylinson

4 months ago, Taylor left Harry with their daughter Darcy, after deciding she couldn't handle the stress of having a child at 20 years old. Now, Harry lives at home with Anne as they try their best to raise his child without her mother. Next door lives Louis and his mum Johanna. Louis is Harry's childhood best friend, with severe autism. His brain is underdeveloped, so he sees the world through the eyes of a child. Louis doesn't understand many things, but he's somehow grasped that Harry needs someone by his side.

As the two boys fall in love, it's not only Harry that needs Louis but Louis who needs Harry. When tragedy strikes, can Harry move past the grief and distrust in his heart to finally allow himself to admit that he's in love with his next door neighbor?


1. ☆ o n e ☆


A / N: Hello everyone and welcome to Next Door Neighbor. I just want to start off with a little note from the author, kind of explaining this story a little better than I did in the synopsis. Basically, Harry has 4 month old daughter named Darcy, her mother's name was Taylor Greene (played by Taylor Swift) and her mother left a few days after Darcy was born. Harry is now left alone with his mom, Anne, to raise his daughter. Next door, lives Louis and his mom Jay. Louis and Harry have been best friends since they were kids, but there's always been a little something more than neither of them addressed. 

Louis has a more severe case of autism, which makes it difficult for him to go about every day life on his own. That's why, being 25 years old, he still lives with his mom. She is the only caregiver he has, since his father left them due to the stress of raising Louis. 

However, slowly, Harry starts to recognize the underlying feelings he's always had for Louis. Jay and Anne both know Louis is the missing piece to Harry's broken heart, but Harry is way too closed off and angry to allow himself to love another person again. 

The chapters in this book will slowly show how Harry's personality changes as he slowly allows himself to fall for Louis. I hope you all enjoy!


Harry's point of view...

I lay Darcy down slowly, careful not to wake her and softly pressed a kiss to my daughter's head. "Good night sweetheart." I whispered gently, and shut off her nightlight. I softly shut her door halfway and walked down the hallway to my own bedroom, grabbing my keys and wallet. Each night I did this. 

"You're not going out again tonight, are you?" 

I jumped, startled by the new voice. "Jesus, mum, you scared the shit out of me." 

"Watch your mouth. Are you going out again tonight?" She asked curtly. I knew she hated it when I went out late nights. But I needed this, time to myself. 

"I always go out, mum. You know that." I replied, deadpan. 

She sighed, leaning her body against the doorframe. "Harry you really need to stop this. It's been 4 months, and I know it's not easy, but you can't just keep drowning your feelings in a glass of whiskey and a joint."

Here we go again, I thought to myself. "Mum, I'm 23 years old. I think I'm allowed to go out without my mother lecturing me." I snapped. She narrowed her eyes, "Harry you know very well I'll always have the right to 'lecture' you. I'm your mother." I looked back at her after slipping my jacket on. No words were spoken. After two minutes of silence, I pushed past her and went outside to my car.

As I was about to get into my car, I heard something hitting the pavement next door. I turned, seeing Louis sitting on the driveway and bouncing a purple ball over and over again. He seemed mesmerized by it. I couldn't help but smile to myself. I forgot about my car, and headed over to him. "Hey Loubear." I said cheerfully. He loved that nickname.

He looked up and grinned really wide, "Hazza!!!" He jumped up and wrapped his legs around me, hugging me tight. I smiled and ruffled his feathery brown hair. "Whatcha doing out here all alone love?" I asked. He sunk his teeth into the collar of my shirt and started chewing, ignoring my question. I walked towards the door, with Louis clinging to me, and rung the bell.

"Ding!" He yelled, mimicking the sound the doorbell made. I smiled to myself and looked at the smiling boy fondly. The door opened and Jay stood there, smiling. "Harry! Hi how are you hun?" She led me inside and I set Louis down. "I'm doing alright. Yourself?" I said, keeping an eye on Louis. "Oh you know. Same old same old. Work, haha." She laughed with a spark in her pretty eyes. "Want a cuppa, love?" She asked sweetly.

So much for whiskey, I thought. "Yes please, thanks. Two sugars please."

"Sugar sugar sugar." Louis chanted, his shirt sleeve in his mouth. I turned my attention back to Louis and smiled, "How about you goofy? Want something to drink?" Louis looked up at me with a crooked grin and just giggled, finding something funny. I shook my head and smiled, kneeling down to him. "Puzzle?" I asked and immediately he clapped. Louis loved puzzles.

He got up and ran to get one, running back and hopping in circles. "Puzzle puzzle puzzle! Me and Hazza gon' make a puzzle!" I laughed softly and helped him unbox the puzzle pieces. He poured them onto the carpet and started messing with them. "Remember what Hazza taught you Loubear? Start with the corners first?" Louis looked up at me with wide eyes, "Corners." He mumbled. "Corners corners corners..." He looked among the pieces, inspecting them thoroughly for corners.

I found a corner piece and showed it to him, "Look Lou. The corner pieces have a point yeah? Where does this one go, which way is the point facing?" Louis took the piece from me, looking at it. He pointed towards the kitchen, signaling that he thought the corner was facing the left.

"No Loubear that's wrong, see - "

Louis suddenly dropped the puzzle piece and he started shaking his head wildly, curling his hands into fists. I thought back to what could have set him off and realized... I said the word 'wrong.' Louis' father always used that word to describe Louis. He yelled at him all the time. Words like "shut up," "retard," "wrong," "bad," etc set off Louis like an alarm.

"Louis Louis, hey hey look at me love. It's okay, I didn't mean to say that I'm sorry, look at me Louis." I tried pleading with the distraught boy, but he was midst his meltdown. He flung himself onto his back and started to yell, hitting himself repeatedly in the face. "No! No Louis dont do that you're gonna hurt yourself."

Jay came running at the commotion and tried to console her son, but he screamed and bit down on her hand. She shrieked, falling back. Her hand was bleeding slightly. I did the only thing I knew how to do, and that was wrap my arms tight around Louis to hold him. He protested, kicking and yelling, but eventually he settled down to my words and began chewing absently on my shirt.

"There you go bud. There you go. You're okay Loubear, you're okay," I cooed softly. "You're okay. I'm here, I'm right here. Shhh." I whispered, running my fingers through his hair. Louis nuzzled his face into my chest and yawned, shutting his eyes.

Jay smiled fondly at the sight. She was his mother, but no one, not even her, could work the magic that I could with Louis. He took to me since we were 7 years old. I never understood why, but I never minded. Louis needed someone and if he needed me, so be it. I'll be here.

"I'll take him to his room." I whispered to Jay, careful not to wake the sleeping Louis in my arms. She nodded thankfully and kissed my head, "Thank God for you Harry." I smiled and squeezed her hand, letting her know she didn't need to thank me.


I opened the door to my house, after setting Louis down and having a cup of tea with Jay, and found my mum sitting on the sofa watching tv. She looked up at me, "You're back early." She observed. "I didn't go to the club," I said. "I went over and spent some time with Louis and Jay."

At the mention of Louis, her eyes brightened, "How is he?" I sat down next to her, "He's okay. We did a puzzle, I put him to bed. Had some tea with Jay." My mum smiled, "Good good. Darcy hasn't woken up yet. Get some sleep, though, she'll be up crying in a while. She's your daughter." She said with a wink, implying that I used to be a crying baby. I smiled softly, "I was a good infant, dunno what you're saying."

"My ass you were." My mum said, laughing softly as I went up the stairs. "Language." I called back to her, jokingly. As I got to the top of the stairs, I heard her laugh at my previous comment.

I went into my bedroom, ready to undress for bed. I opened my drawer, getting my pajamas, when I saw the photograph of Darcy, Taylor and I at the hospital. I pulled it out and sat on my bed, looking at the way my arm was around Taylor's shoulders. How happy we looked. Was she always pretending? But she looked so happy...

I sighed, placing the photo away and running my hands through my hair. "God how am I gonna do this alone." I wondered out loud.

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