My name is Angelica Hanes. I am a sex slave.
What happens when you are sold to a vampire?
You are broken, then revived.


1. The Auction

"Angelica Hanes. 5'6. Black hair. Green eyes. Pale skinned. No scars. 32D. Beautifully shaped. Submissive. Needs training." the auctioneer stated. "Price starts at 40,000. Anyone. Yes, 40,000 to the man in the green shirt." 

The calling started, people named their prices. People bested their friends. People competed, grinning at the stage I stood on, handcuffed to a metal rod that was much too short for me, making me bend over slightly. I was wearing a bra and panties, matching, from Victoria's Secret. How fitting. The Angel for Angel. 

"1,000,000" I hear. Woah. I think. That high already? New record. "Do I have 1,500,000?" the auctioneer asked. "Going once, going twice." Silence. "SOLD! To the man in the black!" The handcuffs unlocked automatically and hands grabbed my arms. "Hey! Leave my property's skin un-bruised!" a man called from the audience, sounding amused. 

I was dragged back into darkness. They gave me nothing to change into, not that I expected them to. I sat in the darkness on the cold stone floor. My ass started to hurt and it occurred to me that my buyer might not be pleased with the bruising. That made me smile. He would sue the auction house for damaged goods. 

Light flooded into my darkness. "Get up" a cold, familiar voice ordered. I shivered, images flooding back to me. They were not allowed to have sex with me, as per the demand for virgin slaves, but they didn't have to rape me to make me loathe them. "Now, now. She's not yours anymore. She's mine. You can't order her to do things" a smooth, silky voice spoke. He sounded threatening, but at the same time, he spoke as if he were smiling happily. "Now, Angel, may I call you that?" he paused. I nodded hesitantly. "Please get up so we can go home. I'm quiet ready for a nap." he said smoothly. As if on cue, he yawned. I stood up. "Well, now. That's no way to treat a girl. Get the lady some clothes." the man's voice growled. I winced. He sounded so nice before, but now he sounded cruel. He evidently saw me. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just find it revolting that they show off your body so easily. I'm very protective over my property" he said. 

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