Accepting Rebirth

A few short stories of how it might feel when a character is removed from a story. Enjoy

(Note: I'm not of English origin, so grammatical incorrectness might occur.)


2. From a Point Above Nothing

She liked her bread slightly toasted, a little crispy and golden, but it was rarely she had any heat. A fire would warm her and her selfish wishes but in the dust of the people, there was no such thing.


Hiding behind the old, damaged barrels she sucked in as much of the sun-heated stones’ warmth as possible. The cold of the dirt beneath her crippled upon her with its long, rough fingers, but yet the sun would lick her face with its dying rays and the lukewarm wall behind her would easy her cold, tense muscles. She had told her that this was the last dawn, but she had never explained why.

Why should the goddess? Herself she kept in the dust, fed herself dirt as a way to survive the ever-changing world around her, eased her distorted mind by indulging rare moments of madness. No one cared and the goddess the least of all. She didn’t enjoyed it that way.


Invisible. Invincible. Unpredictable, however. Even to herself.


It had been two lifetimes since she had lost the ability to keep up with this plane of existence. She knew that by defying Lithei, the goddess would call a curse upon her unlike any she had ever experienced. Forcing her to about the laws of nature by her own will.


Lithei had taken her ability to readapt and as she encountered the next rebirth, she had lost her will to live. Invincibility had become a curse. Once a glorious dream of a never-ending heaven now a hell which kept her in awkward positions in life, unable to rest.


The sun slipped her face, and as the dusk emerged the dew made her dirty cloth damp and even colder. It barely covered her body in the first place, however.

This cold was unreal, the dirt beneath her feet, end and hands wasn’t mud anymore. She no longer belonged to this plane, she realised as the city caught fire in her eyes. She couldn’t recognise the old barrels anymore, at sudden they seemed so unfamiliar. The wall behind had back felt strange but her eyes remained seeing things that wasn’t there.


A crisp sound of golden, roasted bread that breaks echoed through her mind, as she indulged another rare moment of madness. This time it wouldn’t have an end, she knew, and leant back as the heavens called upon her with an unresistable offer of instant oblivion.



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