Accepting Rebirth

A few short stories of how it might feel when a character is removed from a story. Enjoy

(Note: I'm not of English origin, so grammatical incorrectness might occur.)


1. Accepting Rebirth

The soft rays of sunlight surrounded the city with a coat of fire. The wet thatched roofs shined after the rain that had fell during the night. The view tempted his eyes. He could glance at the narrow, familiar streets for hours without end. Wriggling like snakes through the town. Especially now, when his own end seemed so dangerously near.

He indulged another sip of wine. Then let go of the glass. The crisp bell-sound, as vibrations roamed the glass, was the only sound in the room at third level. His blue eyes never let go of the town as he brought the glass to his lips once more. Wishing for just another day. Another week. Perhaps a lifetime more. But the goddesses didn’t like it much that way. They prefered normal lifetimes, casual abilities, acceptance of death and the remain of balance.


He wasn’t prepared for this. Lifetimes ago he had been certain that he’d live forever and would slip into the plane of existence with just a glimpse of an eye. He bid his lip, making sure he hadn’t been replaced yet. A shell of their, the goddesses, would take his place. Fate wouldn’t be disturbed. He just wasn’t meant to be alive. It was against the will of the goddesses.

He knew better than any, that there was only one goddess. Lithei; fate, destiny, development. Her will surrounded everything, and everything went according to her plan. She’d spoken to him once. Realizing he was defying death - that was only possible with the right set of thoughts and a strong will.

But thoughts and will wouldn’t save him now. He was to be eradicated. Directed into an empty plane where he wouldn’t make a mess of her plans.

Selfish of her, he thought, knowing that nothing he did now was ever to be noticed. The last few days he had passed out of existence. The cold floors of the palace hadn’t sent a chill down his spine or made his feet fall asleep. The people he used to know was no longer friends of his and his wife had once asked him who he was.

This was the last dawn. Probably the last reflections in the great sea of the dying sun. Slowly it let itself to sleep, accepting death. Accepting rebirth, however.

He couldn’t accept death. He would live forever, and he was childishly certain he would. The world burned with a heart-striking heat. Boiling him in a most unpleasant way he could not resist. Fear tormented his heart, and as he reached for the glass once more, it dropped.

Blood shattered across the dark floor as the city caught fire in his eyes. Ripped away it was about to be. It wasn’t his city anymore. It wasn’t his people anymore. He wasn't their king anymore. But they’d never realize he had ever left.

He watched the remainings of the glass. It had been a well made, gold decorated glass. “As our king deserves it,” the creator had said two lifetimes ago.

He saw only bloodstained pieces of indifference. The world faded. Slowly disappearing from him as he lost his grasp of existence. He could defeat death. But no one could defeat Lithei, as they’d slay their own success as well. All he knew, was that what would happen, had to happen. Unfortunately he had no influence, however. Caught as human. Fought as human. Removed as human.


The sun reached the horizon. Accepting rebirth.

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