Just A Friend

Mature Content.
One of my many "Straight" friends stopped in and said his girl ran off. He needed more than someone just to talk too.
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3. Part 3 – Just a Friend Again

 As you may have read in the first parts of my “Just a Friend” stories, Jeff had lost his girl and showed up at my place, I thought he just needed a nice guy to talk to. But when he pretty much told me how horny he was with his girl gone, I really didn’t know how far all this would go. I found out… 

 Soon after he his first visit, he called me back to his place with a pluming problem and found out he was still just fuck’en horny. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun for me too helping that guy out. He’s damn good looking, mainly his tight abs and cute face but, most of all he’s a good friend!

 This time he calls and wanted to know if he could maybe move in with me “Just for a while” I just said; “Sure, no big deal” That afternoon he showed up with just some of his stuff and I truly wondered again how this would all work out. It really was no big deal for me, a good-looking guy I’ve known for a while, needs a place to stay and me having a nice small house with room for him. Why not? 

 That night we slept together in my bed and he insisted on giving me a blowjob as a thank you for the help. (I didn’t mind at all) I then wanted to do his but, he just said; “Do me later Jon.” We soon fell asleep. Then at 12 midnight or so, I woke up with a hell of a hard-on going, because someone was licking my cock, of course it was my “Just a friend” Jeff. He got me off in minutes. When he finished, I of course did him and told him; “Remember, I like doing this for you.”

 The next couple weeks where like a dream come true for me, but I tried to remember, it wouldn’t last forever.

 My days went like this… First thing in the morning, Jeff would wake me up by licking my cock till it was hard and then sucks me off. (No need for an alarm clock) I’d then do the same for him. We’d then shower together, (boy I liked that part!) then off to work or school.

 I’d be back 3:30 or so and he’d come in little later and most of the time he needed a blowjob right then and there. He’d often come in with his pants half down and beg me to do him. (Like he had to beg) 😉 Then after supper we’d sit in front of the TV, with him on the couch and me on the floor. I’d slowly take his clothes off, and then lick that tight body of his top to bottom, He’d sometimes fall asleep, until I got to his cock. Then he’d scream out and pull my hair! I was often surprised how much that boy can cum!

 Then of course that night, he’d need one more blowjob before going to sleep and I was happy to help!

 One-way to look at it, he often got 2 or even 3 blow-jobs from me a day and I got only 1! But believe me “I liked it!” One evening I find him so upset he’s almost crying. “I’m just a fag, aren’t I”? I then said; “No, no, no, you’re just a “bi” Then explained it to him, how he likes guys & girls. “There’s lot of guys like that” I said. “More than you think.” 

 Oh well I knew it wouldn’t last forever, so after a few weeks or so he said he needed to move back to his apartment and that he maybe found a new girlfriend. He did feel sorry for me but, he said that we would maybe get together again someday.

 Well shit, I had kept telling myself it may not last very long. Jeff maybe will need me again someday but for now, I can still just think of him and jack-off. That boy sure was good looking!

 End of Part 3

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