Just A Friend

Mature Content.
One of my many "Straight" friends stopped in and said his girl ran off. He needed more than someone just to talk too.
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2. Part 2 - Help with Jeff’s Apt.


 I got a call from my buddy Jeff the other day, asking if I can help him with a plumbing problem and if I can come over right away. I said, “Sure” and grabbed some plumbing tools and headed out.

 Jeff’s a guy I helped out just a few weeks ago; he just got a bad divorce from his wife and well… needed some help. He’s always been a good friend and he is a “straight dude”, I guess. He’s been married and had girlfriends and I guess at the time, I was maybe just filling in for his wife?

 I got to his apartment at around 8 pm and Jeff met me at the door. A big smile on his face and he said, “Thanks for coming Jon, I sort of lied to you about the plumbing problem. I just sort-of wanted to see you again” I just kind of stood there, and then he says, “Come on in I got something to show you”

 We went into the kitchen and look at the sink, it had been clogged but now he had it fixed. As we stood there looking at the sink, Jeff kissed the side of my neck. I just smiled and said; “What’s up Jeff”? He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room.

 He sat down in the middle of the couch, undid his jeans and pulled them partway down. With no underwear on, that’s when I could see he had a hell of hard-on going already. I then just asked, “Do you need help with that again?” He smiled and said, “Yes Jon, please, will you?”

 With me just standing there, he just falls onto his knees and starts to undo my pants. I pull off my shirt as he gets my pants down, I then grab his shirt, pull it off and grab arms and stand him up. I then asked, “Are you sure?” He just says, “Fuck ya” 

 I then get on my knees and put that big, long hard cock of his in my mouth. This may sound corny but did he taste good! I sucked him off for quite some time and he then starts to moan and groan, then loses it and quite a load too! I just kept going and he kept swearing until I got it all out of him.

 From there I pretty much slowly licked my way up, his six-pack, up to his chest to his face and put my tongue deep down his throat. He lay back on to the couch and I got on top. Our two hard cocks where rubbing together. Then his started then to soften up. I then thought I might lose mine when he said: “Let me do you now Jon, to pay you back” I then just told him: “It won’t take long Jeff”

 I rolled off him and he sat up. Him now sitting there on the couch and me standing there, he then took my balls in his mouth and gently sucked them. To put it simply, wow!

 I then just yelled out “I’m going to lose it Jeff”! He then took my cock in his mouth and sucked it hard! I did then lose it. (I think he likes it I’m so fast, him being straight or maybe Bi.) He then stood up and gave me a kiss, I could still taste “the cum” in his mouth.

 I did spend the rest of that night with him, even in the same bed and in one another’s arms. But no more sex that night (even with me hard all night) I was just a friend the rest of the night. (A hard friend) ;)

 End of Part 2

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