Just A Friend

Mature Content.
One of my many "Straight" friends stopped in and said his girl ran off. He needed more than someone just to talk too.
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1. Part 1 - Just Help him Out


 One early Saturday morning, not even 6 am, my cell phone starts ringing out in the kitchen. I slowly get out of bed, thinking someone must be stuck in the ditch or in jail. I’m just one of those nice guys people call when they need help.

 I first just looked to see who it was, odd it’s Jeff, a friend who I haven’t talked to in weeks or months. He’s a 22-year-old friend that just had a bad divorce. His wife had started seeing some other guy or something like that.  

 I answer it and he tells me he’s right now sitting in my driveway and just needs someone to talk too. I tell him I’m in bed and if he can he wait a minute or two? He then asked if I could just open the garage door and to please jump back in bed, he’ll let himself in and feel better if he doesn’t bug me too much. 

 I did what he asked, I reached out the door, pushed the garage door button and ran and jumped back in bed. I can hear the garage door kicking in and then going back down. I then hear him coming in. He calls my name and heads for the bedroom. I must say, he did sound like he’d been crying. To show everything’s OK, I sort-of laugh and said how I won’t mind getting up and to get dressed. He then said again how he just needs somebody to talk too. 

 With only the kitchen light on, I can just see his silhouette in the bedroom doorway. He tells me how cold it is in my house. (I then want to tell him how warm it is in my bed) But fuck, then he asks, if HE can get under the covers with me, without freaking me out? I just say… “No big deal to me, jump in if you want too” 

 Next is almost the best part, I just lay there and watched his silhouette in my bedroom doorway, as he gets undressed. (Boy, he is well built) He pretty much takes off everything but his underwear and then runs and jumps in bed next to me.

 I then pretty much just, well… argued with myself, what the hell was going on…

 He is so good-looking, perfect six-pack abs, awesome blonde hair and nice arms! Now, I’m just an everyday looking 18-year-old guy and pretty much the “in the closet type” and this can’t be at all happening, but it was!

 We both just lie there looking up at the ceiling. He then tells me how things been going and how lonely he’s been since his wife left him. He goes on about how he thinks of me a lot lately and how he knows I have no one. He then asked me again if I was sure all this shit was all right? I told him again it’s no big deal.

 We pretty much just lied there silent, then, after what seemed like forever. I then (to make conversation) just said something about the cold weather and he just blurts outare you thinking about anything else, with me here next to you”? I sort of then tripped over my words and said, “How can I not think about it”?

 Then without saying anything, he picked up my hand under the covers and set down on his groin, even with his underwear there, I could feel he was already getting rock hard. All this of course made me hard instantly! I then just left him in charge. (He was the ex-married hetero)

 He started stroking me through my underwear and so I did the same to him. Not a word was said. He then put his hand in my draws, which again I did the same to him. We stroked one another then for a minute or two. (I was getting kind of worried I’d lose it right away). Then he stopped and grabbed his draws and pulled them down, tossed them on the floor. Again, I did the same. 

 As soon as I had them off he leaned over and started to suck me off, it was only a short time (with me being so fuck’n horny) and him moaning, I then said, “I’m going to lose it”!!! He then just started going faster and faster and then even he started moaning more too. With that, I then knew he wanted it in him, so I let it go. He continued to suck for quite some time, this all surprised me due to again him being straight. 

 I then leaned over to him and started in sucking him off. Then something made me feel really good, he lost it right a way, almost faster than I did! I then just kept going till every drop was out of him.

 Next it kind of surprised me again, he started to cry, at first what I thought it was maybe embarrassment, but it turned out to be satisfaction. He said he’s been so hard up and so horny for weeks and had no one. He then thanked me over and over again.

 He now is still searching for a girlfriend, but I believe he’ll need some “help” from me again soon ;)

 End of Part 1

 Let me know if you like my stories…



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