Primal. The simulated world made by the Vetus Terram Corporation is exactly what the name implies. An old world full of mysterious, yet dangerous wonders. It's not like your average theme park however, it is much more. Once you go inside the primordial realm you will see creatures you thought you'd never be face-to-face with. Saurian-like monsters of all shapes and sizes live in this new world. Some that either would not care for your near presence or some that would not care to eat you whole. Amongst all of this, one new guest, Keller Haring is looking for a life changing experience, and he will most certainly get one...


1. A New World

Chapter 1:

A man runs through the jungle thicket as fast as his tiring body can.


Not daring to look back, freakishly fast footsteps rush up behind him.


Panting and sweating beyond average human levels, it is clear he’s in panic. Whatever is chasing him it is bound to determine his fate.


The muddy, torn uniform sticks to his skin flinging mud and blood with each step he takes.


The jungle canopy shines down beams through the leaves and branches, touching down onto the floor where small creatures scurry along out of the way.


An approaching storm a few miles back is closing in. Its capabilities are dangerous and it can potentially kill any living creature in its path. But the storm isn’t the enemy here. It’s the bipedal creature closing in on him.


He can feel it’s breath on the back of his neck. It’s curved teeth are as pointy as spears and it’s claws are as sharp as steel blades.


The neverending jungle ahead of him pushes him to feel he won’t make it.


Suddenly the fast footsteps behind him gain speed.


He tries running faster but he’s running as fast as he can. What remains of his gear is tattered and barely usable anymore. His weapons are gone, and any way to contact the others is impossible.


Fighting back is impossible.


The faint scent of dead carcass can be noticed. Maybe there is a apex predator that can help him. Maybe there is a way for him to live to see another day.


But that’s not how the food chain works.


As soon as he does the unthinkable and looks back, he sees an emotionless monster. It’s black pupils almost stare into his soul. Suddenly his fate takes a turn for the worst.


Before he has time to turn back, his foot gets caught in a root. As he falls his body twists causing a unbearable pain to shoot up his leg as his ankle snaps out of place.


The creature falls over him from the chase and hits the forest floor just in front of him. He screams in agony clutching his leg. The reptilian-like assailant claws its way up in a frenzy to eat its prey until out of nowhere a larger carnivore emerges from the dense jungle brush only to bite down onto the beast’s neck.


The man cries in pain. His bloody and battered face almost blends into the murky ground.


The smaller predator screeches trying to escape the jaws of it’s predator but to no avail.


The man looks up to the apex, only to realize it is one of the predators who travel in numbers. His heart races just as he spots a snout rounding a tree a few feet away.


It’s deep hollowed chest emits a terrifying noise. It’s unnatural amber eyes stare down onto him.


The man sobs in an attempt to crawl away until suddenly the second carnivore opens its mouth roaring down onto him.


It’s teeth crush into his chest, sinking inwards. It shakes its head violently like that of a crocodilian. The man’s body tears out from the root as his screaming is suppressed by blood spurting from his mouth.


The predator sets his dying body on the ground then steps onto his head with it’s clawed foot only to pull up large chunks out of his body.


It rears its head up to swallow its food letting out a haunting growl from within it’s chest only to go back and tear more pieces of it’s victim’s body.


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