Tony’s Story

Revenge for a lost friend


8. 8


Chapter 8

  Helen tried contacting Tony to ask why his name was on the list. Her phone call was eventually put through to the assistant coach Davis who was most friendly. In the conversation that followed. He inquired how she was coping with the loss of her brother and had owned up to sending the photo with the six names written on its back because of the thing that had happened later to Tony. He had seen Josh deliberately trip Tony up and fall heavily onto his leg so busting his knee which wasn’t right especially as now the poor boy could never play football again. He also told her that due to the knee problem Tony had lost his scholarship and was no longer at the college. “So how come the six names,” she asked. Well he explained he had seen those boys helping Charley’s who appeared to be drunk to his car and then to seeing Tony take the wheel and drive off, followed by Josh and the others in his car. He had reported this to Officer Trevor O’Brien at the time after Charley’s death but was told to forget it.

   After hearing all this Helen was especially glad that both Christopher Miller and Matthew Johnson had received their punishment for what they did to her brother Charley.     

   Helen now added to her list the names of Coach Adams and Officer O’Brien being as culpable as the others who did the dead.


    I hated Josh for deliberately busting my knee. Thankfully after the operation even though I had to use a stick. I could still use my motorbike to get around.  The Judge my dad found the money to pay for my education, to studied law, which meant moving to another state and college. I also missed Charley and regretted that I hadn’t had the courage to say anything at the time to Helen. 




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